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In 2012, StartGreen Capital founded the first sustainable crowdfunding platform of the Netherlands. At Oneplanetcrowd, entrepreneurs finance the development of innovative products or services via crowdfunding. Projects at Oneplanetcrowd contribute to a better planet. They all are environmental friendly or have a social impact.

At Oneplanetcrowd entrepreneurs can raise money through different financial products. When choosing for ‘rewards’, the crowd can choose to buy a product against a reduced price, often before the product has been launched in the market. In addition, convertible loans are available, in which the crowd has the right to convert the loan to certificates of equity. Finally, regular loans can be provided at an attractive interest rate.

The Next Women Crowd Fund

The Next Women Crowd Fund (TNWCF) is founded as a collaboration between The Next Women and Oneplanetcrowd. The mission of the fund is two-fold: stimulating female entrepreneurs and female investors. For entrepreneurs, who have attracted risk capital the ratio men women is currently 93 %- 7%, respectively. For investors this ratio is 95 % men and - 5 % women. In the vision of The Next Women, a stimuli is necessary to balance this ratio. Therefore, the TNWCF aims to offer a platform for female investors to invest together in a simple manner, thereby encouraging entrepreneurship.

TNWCF will invest initially, in companies brought forward by The Next Women Community. The due diligence for these companies is done by Oneplanetcrowd. In addition, The Next Women Crowd Fund provides the winner of the yearly competition with an interest-carrying loan of €10.000.