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Borski Fund investeert in toonaangevend femtech bedrijf INNOVO

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8 maart 2021

Het toonaangevende femtech bedrijf INNOVO maakte vandaag bekend twee nieuwe investeerders aan boord te hebben. Een van hen zit in het portfolio van StartGreen Capital, het door ons opgericht Borski Fund gaat in INNOVO investeren.  De investering vanuit Borksi zal onder andere gebruikt worden voor marktexpansie van de commerciële activiteiten van INNOVO in de VS en het VK.  De INNOVO-technologie wordt gebruikt voor de behandeling van urine-incontinentie. Lees hier meer over in onderstaand persbericht.

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Leading Femtech Brand INNOVO Attracts Two New Investors

  • INNOVO adds significant incremental investment for pioneering home-based treatment for stress urinary incontinence, a condition that impacts 1 in 3 women worldwide
  • Netherland’s Borski Fund backs female-led, femtech focused companies
  • Largest single investment Ireland’s Western Development Commission has madeto date
  • Financing will support the expansion of Atlantic Therapeutics commercialization activities into their core US & UK markets & beyond

Atlantic Therapeutics, the Galway-based company pioneering a non-invasive, wearable treatment for urinary incontinence, today announced it has raised significant new investment from the Borski Fund (Netherlands) and the Western Development Commission (Ireland).

The Borski Fund addresses the venture capital gender  gap through investments in female-led and femtech companies, and their support for Atlantic Therapeutics is a strong endorsement of the progress made since the appointment of CEO Susan Trent in mid-2020.  WDC Investment Fund’s support for Atlantic Therapeutics is the largest investment the group have made to date and is complemented by returning investors Seroba Life Sciences, Earlybird, LSP, Andera Partners and Atlantic Bridge, who continue their ongoing support for the company with a substantial undisclosed investment.

The financing will support the expansion of the company’s commercialization activities in the core US and UK markets for its INNOVO technology to treat urinary incontinence. Also known as bladder weakness, urinary incontinence is a stigmatised condition that impacts one in three women worldwide, having a profoundly negative impact on quality and enjoyment of life.

Atlantic Therapeutics has established the INNOVO brand as the leading innovation in non-invasive, wearable neuromuscular electrical stimulation. The device acts to strengthen the pelvic floor and thereby treat the underlying cause of bladder weakness. Today, the market for disposable products to manage this life-limiting condition, such as pads and liners, is growing significantly worldwide. These non-curative, symptom-masking solutions carry a significant lifetime cost and are environmentally unsustainable. For the 1 in 3 women living with UI, INNOVO will offer a revolutionary solution to bladder leaks, helping them to break free from their daily reliance on pads and diapers.

Commenting in the investment, Simone Brummelhuis, Partner at the Borski Fund, said:
“While 51% of the world population are women, most innovations are male centric. Atlantic Therapeutics is not only addressing this underserved market head-on, with the INNOVO product it serves an unmet need of a very large group of women. The combination of respected pan-European investors, the medical and science based sustainable product and the vision and strategy of the team led by Susan delights us at Borski Fund in supporting Atlantic Therapeutics in their growth and international expansion.”

Gillian Buckley, Investment Manager at the Western Development Commission said:
The WDC Investment Fund has helped support the position of the West of Ireland as a start-up hub for indigenous medtech and lifescience companies building on the region’s reputation as a global centre of excellence.  Atlantic Therapeutics is our 35th life science investment making the WDC Investment Fund one of the largest medtech / lifescience investors in the country.  The WDC is an impact investor so we seek not only a financial return on investment but also seek a socio-economic impact.  Atlantic Therapeutics offers both, it will support high quality jobs in Galway and Mayo as well as addressing a significant women’s healthcare issue.”

Atlantic Therapeutics CEO, Susan Trent commented:
“We are thrilled to have such strong support from the Borski Fund and the Western Development Commission and I look forward to working closely with them on realising the incredible potential of our brand. We are a proudly female-led, female-focused company, and we are excited to be bringing the first-in-world INNOVO technology to several key global markets from our base in Galway. We firmly believe that INNOVO represents a paradigm shift in the $13bn urinary incontinence market when compared to the current sub-optimal choices. This investment will help us to accelerate global momentum for INNOVO and allow us to amplify the launch of our next generation innovation later this year.”

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Een jaar Borski Fund

Door Borski Fonds, Nieuws

3 maart 2021

Het eerste jaar van het mede door ons opgerichte Borski Fund zit erop. Graag laten we u hier zien wat er gedaan en bereikt is.

Three years ago we started to think about a large fund focusing on diversity and technology. Last year our dream came through by launching Borski Fund, named after Johanna Borski (1764 – 1846) who was the first woman to buy shares in De Nederlandsche Bank, in presence of Queen Máxima and Klaas Knot.

One year in, despite these difficult and uncertain times, we managed to put together a good team, generate publicity, create a gigantic deal flow, and we have worked very hard to talk to as many female entrepreneurs as possible. We managed to add 4 awesome participations to our fund, and we have a beautifully filled pipeline for 2021. We believe we can make an important contribution and substantially increase the % of capital that is invested in female entrepreneurship. We are proud of our investors supporting us. They put trust in us for our mission and our journey. The results we have achieved are outlined in the following infographic.

With our team, we would like to thank you for your involvement in our mission to reduce the investment gap.


Simone Brummelhuis uitgeroepen tot een van de meest invloedrijke vrouwen bij Europese start-ups

Door Borski Fonds, Nieuws

18 februari 2021

Simone Brummelhuis, directeur van het mede door ons opgerichte Borski Fund en The Next Women, is uitgeroepen tot een van de 10 meest invloedrijke vrouwen bij Europese start-ups. Ze heeft een mooie 3e plaats bereikt in dit rijtje van 10 belangrijke ‘influencers’ en bevindt zich in goed gezelschap.

Business Chief zegt over haar: “Simone Brummelhuis is toegewijd aan het investeren in diverse teams en het verstrekken van kapitaal en middelen aan vrouwelijke ondernemers.” Simone, gefeliciteerd!

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Press release Ziel

Door Borski Fonds, Nieuws

Groningen, 20 April 2020

Ziel raises €4 million funding from GROEI fonds, Borski Fund and Purpose Ventures for European expansion.

The clothing industry needs an impactful solution to become more sustainable. The global environmental impact of the fashion industry is enormous. Ziel will develop and operate a unique tech platform that makes the on-demand and local production of clothing accessible and affordable. In New York, Ziel has already experimented with several labels on the American market. Now that the technical and economic feasibility has been confirmed, Ziel, supported by a multi-million dollar investment from multiple international parties, will develop, prove and rollout its tech platform in Groningen.

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Borski Fonds haalt 21 miljoen euro funding op voor investeringen in vrouwelijke ondernemers

Door Borski Fonds, Nieuws

Persbericht 31 oktober 2019

Venturefondshelptscale-upsmet groeiplannen op weg

Het Borski Fonds heeft 21miljoen euro opgehaald om te investeren inscale-ups met een vrouw aan het roer. Het Borski Fonds is het eerste Nederlandse venture capital fonds dat zich richt op het stimuleren van vrouwelijke ondernemers in Nederland. ABN Amro, ING en Rabobank hebben zich gezamenlijk gecommiteerd aan het fonds. De banken investeren elk vijf miljoen euro.

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Samen de VC investeringsdip beperken

Door Blog, Borski Fonds, Nieuws

1 april 2020

De eerste financiële noodmaatregelen, waaronder de NOW zijn een feit. Een ambitieus, vooruitstrevend en waardevol pakket. Maar onvoldoende voor startups. In China zijn de VC investments met 57% gedaald, in Nederland en Europa moet een vergelijkbare trend verwacht worden, eerste analyses van Dealroom bevestigen dit. Met ons Borski Fund zitten wij middenin het dilemma; terughoudend zijn met investeringen zonder de recessie te versterken. De boel niet op slot, maar realistisch op zoek naar de nieuwe realiteit.

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