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StartGreen is one of the largest impact fund managers in the Netherlands. Since 2006, we have been building a sustainable economy together with impact entrepreneurs: an economy that does not exhaust itself and in which everyone can participate to the fullest potential.

We believe that the transition to this sustainable economy is initiated by impact entrepreneurs. People with vision, drive and guts. Because they, like us, want to build sustainable progress and know that this is not possible without continuous innovation and a sound business model. We invest in that. Our investments show that financial and social returns can be easily combined.

At present we are financing more than 450 million euros in projects and companies of these changemakers. The benchmark is that they contribute to at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in which we focus on three themes:

We believe in sustainable

The energy transition

We believe in equality and equal opportunities


We believe in a circular and local economy


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Innovative expertise

We bring together entrepreneurs and investors who want to help us build a growing impact community. Read more about this in our Impact Report 2021. We will keep you informed about our funds and the impact that we make through the expert blogs and news items below.

By managing and organising financing for entrepreneurs through both loans and venture capital, we help bring about sustainable progress. Our experienced team of experts are often the first to identify themes in the market that need financing. In collaboration with our investors, we develop innovative new funds and financing opportunities. Are you also interested in helping us build sustainable progress?

Our funds

StartGreen manages and supervises the financing of ventures and projects with both loans and venture capital.

Energiefonds Overijssel

Participation Fund Sustainable Economy North Holland


Borski Fund

StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund and StartGreen Consumer Products Fund

The Next Women Crowd Fund

Are you interested in helping us build this economic transition?

StartGreen Capital guarantees a good balance between enterprising and responsible financing. We can thus let change-makers grow and your returns will grow with them. Read about how we work and what we can do for you on the page Impactful financingWe would be pleased to discuss these opportunities with you.

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