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One year Borski Fund

By Borski Fund, News

March 3, 2021

The first year of the co-founded Borski Fund is finished. We would like to show you here what has been done and achieved.

Three years ago we started to think about a large fund focusing on diversity and technology. Last year our dream came through by launching Borski Fund, named after Johanna Borski (1764 - 1846) who was the first woman to buy shares in De Nederlandsche Bank, in presence of Queen Máxima and Klaas Knot.

One year in, despite these difficult and uncertain times, we managed to put together a good team, generate publicity, create a gigantic deal flow, and we have worked very hard to talk to as many female entrepreneurs as possible. We managed to add 4 awesome participations to our fund, and we have a beautifully filled pipeline for 2021. We believe we can make an important contribution and substantially increase the % of capital that is invested in female entrepreneurship. We are proud of our investors supporting us. They put trust in us for our mission and our journey. The results we have achieved are outlined in the following infographic.

With our team, we would like to thank you for your involvement in our mission to reduce the investment gap.


Simone Brummelhuis has been named one of the most influential women in European start-ups

By Borski Fund, News

February 18, 2021

Simone Brummelhuis, director of the co-founded Borski Fund and The Next Women, has been named one of the 10 most influential women in European start-ups. She has achieved a nice 3rd place in this list of 10 important 'influencers' and is in good company.

Business Chief says of her: "Simone Brummelhuis is committed to investing in diverse teams and providing capital and resources to female entrepreneurs." Simone, congratulations!

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Battery technology innovator E-magy raises 5 million, PDENH is co-investing

By News, PDENH, Press

February 10, 2021

New EUR 5m investment round for E-magy. E-magy is developing nanotech silicon material for the next generation of Li-ion batteries, which material will provide a 40% higher energy density. A potential game changer, so that eg electric cars will obtain a longer range and faster charging time. PDENH - co-managed by StartGreen Capital - as current shareholder again invests substantially in this round led by Shift.





Funds will be used to scale production of proprietary nano-porous silicon and to accelerate qualification programs with electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturers
• The company will expand the team and prepare for the construction of a new facility in the Netherlands with production planned for 2023
• Use of E-magy's specialty silicon in EV battery anodes increases energy density of battery cells by 40%, enabling longer-range EVs and lower-cost compact cars

Dutch battery tech scale-up E-magy has secured an additional € 5 million of funding. SHIFT Invest, an impact venture capital fund that invests in circular technologies, smart food & ag-tech, biobased innovations and smart materials, has led the funding round with participation of existing investors including PDENH. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has committed an innovation credit to accelerate the development of E-magy's unique technology.

The fresh capital injection enables E-magy to increase production at its fully operational pilot production line for nano-porous silicon and accelerate qualification programs with automakers and battery manufacturers. The company will also use the funds to expand the team and make preparations for a new facility in the Netherlands which will boost annual capacity to thousands of tons per year. E-magy plans to start production at the new facility in 2023.

Casper Peeters, co-founder and CEO: “The additional funding comes at an exciting time as we are scaling up production capacity of our proprietary nano-porous silicon and are advancing with automakers and battery manufacturers to improve battery cell performance. Nano-porous silicon is the solution to the urgent need for high-energy batteries, enabling affordable and efficient electric vehicles for everybody. E-magy is set to power millions of electric vehicles. ”

Bram Ledeboer, partner at SHIFT Invest: “We are pleased to support the E-magy team to become a leading supplier to the EV battery industry. Innovation plays a crucial role in rebalancing the world we live in and E-magy is well positioned to create significant impact by boosting the performance of batteries at lower costs. ”

The technology
E-magy processes silicon in a unique, cost-effective and scalable way to make 'nano-sponge' particles for high-capacity silicon anodes of lithium-ion batteries. E-magy's nano-porous silicon improves the energy density by 40% and shortens the charge time of batteries allowing for an extended range at lower costs and leading to more compact models than today's high-end vehicles. Silicon is abundantly available and environmentally benign.

The opportunity
As almost all global automakers focus on the production of new series of all-electric and plug-in EVs, the demand for batteries is rising exponentially. E-magy offers a highly scalable, next generation battery material that can provide automakers with a clear competitive edge. Moreover, E-magy's technology platform allows for use in various other devices such as e-bikes and scooters, drones, computers and handheld devices, medical devices and electric energy storage systems for balancing of (renewable) energy supply and demand.

More about E-magy

Results and impact StartGreen and its funds in 2020

By News, StartGreen Capital

A new year, full of new opportunities, we look forward to 2021. Just like many others, 2020 turned out differently than expected for us. But with the strength and creativity of our team and our network, we were able to achieve a number of great highlights with our funds last year. It means that StartGreen Capital really functions as a catalyst for sustainable progress. And we are quite proud of that.

What did we and our funds do in 2020 and for whom? View our impact in 2020 at a glance in the infographics below.

StartGreen Capital now has 6 funds under management and wants to be a catalyst for sustainable progress by financing major social themes such as the energy transition, diversity and circularity.

Energiefonds Overijssel is working on 20% new energy in 2023 and an energy-neutral Overijssel in 2050. To further accelerate the energy transition in the province, the fund finances projects in renewable energy, energy saving and innovations that make this possible.

Participation Fund Sustainable Economy Noord-Holland stimulates sustainable business, employment and innovation in the province.

At Oneplanetcrowd, more than 30,000 forward-looking investors invest in companies that contribute to a more sustainable and social world. In 2020, we passed the 70 million capital raised mark.

The Sustainable SME Fund focuses on sustainable SME entrepreneurs who have run into problems due to the corona crisis. For a sustainable restart of the economy, it is important that these companies emerge from the crisis in a healthy way.

Borski Fund wants to stimulate a more diverse society by also giving female entrepreneurs access to knowledge, capital and network in order to create the investment gap between female and male entrepreneurs.

We would like to thank our network for the efforts, involvement and cooperation during the past year. With their support, we have succeeded in financing many innovative entrepreneurs who contribute to the energy transition, diversity and circularity with their companies or projects.




We wish you happy days and an impactful 2021

By News

The StartGreen Capital team wishes you a very nice day and an impactful 2021.

Next year we would like to continue to work with you on the financing of an economy that does not exhaust itself and in which everyone can participate to his or her full potential. Until 2021!


StartGreen Fonds Duurzaam MKB and Invest-NL help sustainable entrepreneurs during the corona crisis

By News, Press, StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund

Amsterdam, November 2, 2020

The StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund and Invest-NL are joining forces to help sustainable SME entrepreneurs who cannot or do not want to go to the bank during the corona crisis. The StartGreen Fund for Sustainable SMEs contains more than € 10 million, of which Invest-NL is contributing € 5 million. Read More

Press release Soul

By Borski Fund, News

Groningen, April 20, 2020

Soul raises € 4 million funding from GROEI fund, Borski Fund and Purpose Ventures for European expansion.

The clothing industry needs an impactful solution to become more sustainable. The global environmental impact of the fashion industry is enormous. Ziel will develop and operate a unique tech platform that makes the on-demand and local production of clothing accessible and affordable. In New York, Ziel has already experimented with several labels on the American market. Now that the technical and economic feasibility has been confirmed, Ziel, supported by a multi-million dollar investment from multiple international parties, will develop, prove and rollout its tech platform in Groningen.

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Borski Fund raises 21 million euros in funding for investments in female entrepreneurs

By Borski Fund, News

Press release October 31, 2019

Venture fund helps scale-ups with growth plans underway

The Borski Fund has raised 21 million euros to invest in scale-ups with a woman at the helm. The Borski Fund is the first Dutch venture capital fund that focuses on stimulating female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank have jointly committed to the fund. The banks each invest five million euros.

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