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Challenge and support entrepreneurs inside and outside Overijssel with innovative energy plans

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June 4, 2021

Innovations are desperately needed to enable the energy transition. That's why it works managed by us Energiefonds Overijssel together with development company Oost NL to help innovative entrepreneurs in the energy sector even better with their next breakthrough. In the Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel they challenge entrepreneurs and support them with their innovative energy plans. The collaboration was sealed today with the signing of a Letter of Intent, which was presented to Tijs de Bree, Provincial Executive for Energy, Environment and Labor Market of the province of Overijssel. Read all about it in the press release below.

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Cooperation East NL and Energiefonds Overijssel offers opportunities

Challenge and support entrepreneurs with innovative energy plans energie

The energy transition presents many challenges, but one thing is certain: innovations are desperately needed to make this transition possible. That is why Energiefonds Overijssel (EFO) and Oost NL are entering into a partnership to challenge and support entrepreneurs in their innovative energy plans. Entrepreneurs with an innovative energy product or solution in development can obtain financing, expertise, support and access to a large network via the Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel (VEIO) so that they can bring their product to the market faster. Today, the parties sealed the collaboration by signing a Letter of Intent, which was presented to Tijs de Bree, Provincial Executive for Energy, Environment and Labor Market of the province of Overijssel.

Accelerator of energy innovations inside and outside Overijssel
The aim of the collaboration is to accelerate the development of innovative energy initiatives and companies and thus give a boost to the energy transition in Overijssel. The Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel increases knowledge and the chances of success of energy innovations. Together, the parties have more than 25 million euros available for this. It offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their energy product to the market more quickly. This does not only concern entrepreneurs in Overijssel: companies outside the province that want to establish themselves in Overijssel can also make use of this.

Anouk Blüm, general director of Energiefonds Overijssel, says about the collaboration:
“This offers opportunities for energy entrepreneurs in and outside Overijssel. Thanks to the collaboration, they have more clarity in less time about the financeability of their business and access to a large network with knowledge, expertise and other investors.”

Wendy de Jong, general manager East NL, says:
“Innovation is necessary to realize the energy transition. Oost NL and Energiefonds Overijssel together with capital, brainpower, knowledge and network stimulate innovative entrepreneurs from Overijssel. By joining forces, we arrive at smart financing solutions and entrepreneurs can achieve breakthroughs faster.”

Objective feedback on technology and market application
In addition to support in a risky phase, easier and faster access to financing and the network of private investors, the VEIO also offers the possibility to test the technical feasibility and market applications of products through the Start Team Energy Innovation, part of the province's Nieuwe Energie Overijssel. This allows entrepreneurs to make fine-tuning of their product and business case more quickly, so that the journey to the market comes into view more quickly. Tijs de Bree, Deputy for Energy, Environment and Labor Market, says: “Within the New Energy Overijssel programme, the Innovation cluster is intensively involved in stimulating and facilitating energy innovation. In order to support entrepreneurs in Overijssel even better, the Startteam for energy innovations was established at the end of 2019. The team helps, from different angles and specialisms, good ideas and developments that contribute to accelerating the energy transition.”

The signing marks the start of the collaboration and a campaign is launched to point out the possibilities to entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. The importance of the province in retaining innovative energy entrepreneurs is great. As of today, entrepreneurs and companies with an innovative energy product or solution in development can visit the websites of Oost NL and Energiefonds Overijssel.

East NL:  Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel | East NL.

Energy Fund Overijssel: VEIO Energy Fund Overijssel

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