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Impact financing

'Sustainability is penetrating more and more into the core of business operations'

By Impact financing, News, Oneplanetcrowd., StartGreen Capital
October 21, 2022

ABN AMRO Bank’s aim is to make the biggest possible impact and, by doing so, create a more sustainable society. Head of Sustainability Richard Kooloos talks about the development of sustainable companies, about the increasingly strict regulations for impact recording and about the need to be able to collaborate with a partner such as StartGreen.

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'We help impact companies grow with our value creation model'

By Blog, Borski Fund, Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital
September 8, 2022

Bertrand van Leersum, Investment Manager at Borski Fund, describes how the Value Creation Model enables StartGreen to assess investment propositions and to help impact entrepreneurs grow. 'We are not an investor who watches from the sidelines. We want to actively maintain a relationship with entrepreneurs and regularly check with them what is going on.'

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Energiefonds Overijssel is looking for a new member of the Supervisory Board

By Energiefonds Overijssel, Impact financing, Impactful financing, News, StartGreen Capital

June 14, 2022

The Supervisory Board of Energiefonds Overijssel consists of generalists with specific qualities, who together form a multidisciplinary team. The fund is currently looking for a new member for its Supervisory Board with a financial profile.

The fund strives for a balanced distribution of various expertise, experiences and characteristics. For integral decision-making, the Supervisory Board consists of members with a specific area of attention, who have a helicopter view. The composition of the Supervisory Board of Energiefonds Overijssel guarantees a pleasant and innovative collaboration.

Are you or do you know a financial expert in the field of renewable energy, energy saving and complex (early phase) energy investment issues? Read the full vacancy and check it out full job profile.

About Energiefonds Overijssel
Energiefonds Overijssel (Energy Fund Overijssel) is working towards twenty percent of all energy being sustainable energy by 2023 and making the Province of Overijssel energy neutral by 2050. To accelerate the energy transition in the province, the fund is financing the roll out of sustainable energy plans. Read more about the fund.

Or watch this short introductory video: We are Energiefonds Overijssel – YouTube

Borski Fund makes new femtech investment

By Borski Fund, Impact financing, News
May 31, 2022

Borski Fund has invested $10 million together with DSM Venturing, Calm/Storm Ventures and three angels in inne† With this investment, inne will expand its hormone technology: from fertility to perimenopause.

Inne offers women more insight into hormone levels and thus into their health and fertility. Thousands of women across Europe use inne's minilab, which measures progesterone levels with a saliva biosensor.

Inne is now expanding its progesterone tracking capability into perimenopause through an exclusive US partnership with Phenology, the new women's health brand from the team at Hologram Sciences. Women will soon be able to use the minilab to monitor hormonal changes during perimenopause – the early stage of menopause when hormone levels begin to decline. It is the first time that this is possible with a personalized test device for home use.

Nice femtech investment
Fund director Simone Brummelhuis: 'We are delighted to invest in inne and her exceptional team led by Eirini Rapti. The product is best in class for hormone level testing at home. Within a short period of time, inne has been shown to be a leader in quantified self-solutions for women. We're excited about its many uses, from fertility to birth control and perimenopause. At Borski Fund we invest in femtech and AI solutions, because this offers enormous opportunities for all women.'

Testing stress levels
In addition to extending to perimenopause, inne will also add the ability to analyze stress with a special cortisol tracing strip. Persistently high cortisol levels lead to a drop in estrogen levels, which can lead to weight gain, night sweats, sleep problems and mood swings. Tracking cortisol levels allows women to adjust their lifestyle and improve their long-term health. This can be especially helpful if they're trying to conceive or want to control perimenopause symptoms.

about inne
Eirini Rapti founded inne in 2017 to provide women with technology that helps them understand their bodies' hormonal levels. Inne's biosensor minilab allows women to measure their daily progesterone levels with a daily saliva test. Saliva measurement with the minilab has been proven to be as accurate as a laboratory progesterone test. Inne is now in the process of being certified as an official contraceptive.

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