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Impact financing

How does Borski Fund help close the funding gap for female founders?

By Blog, Borski Fund, Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital

Expert blog – April 11, 2024

In addition to co-founding StartGreen Capital, Laura Rooseboom is co-founder and partner of Borski Fund. This fund improves access to capital for growth companies with a diverse team and a female (co-)founder. In this blog, Laura shares her insights into the investment landscape and gives tips to starting female entrepreneurs looking for venture capital.
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StartGreen sees opportunities in grid congestion

By Blog, Overijssel Energy Fund, Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital

Expert blog – March 19, 2024

Grid congestion is a hot topic, especially in the world of impact investing. On the one hand, we would like to accelerate the energy transition, on the other hand, we are limited in this by the infrastructure of our electricity grid. Joost Vlot, Investment Manager at Energiefonds Overijssel, one of the funds that StartGreen manages, explains how grid congestion could arise and how StartGreen helps to solve the traffic jam on the electricity highway.
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The BespaarGarant Fonds helps entrepreneurs become more sustainable

By Blog, Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital

Expert blog – January 4, 2024

Sice last June, StartGreen has been managing the BespaarGrant Fonds. Entrepreneurs who want to make their business premises more sustainable can turn to the fund for financing. Noura Hzami, Investment Analyst at Energiefonds Overijssel, explains in this blog how StartGreen contributes to the success of the BespaarGarant Fonds.

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Increasing emphasis on impactful and sustainable investing

By Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital

Interview – September 7, 2023

In a double interview in Management Scope tell our Managing Partner Laura Rooseboom and Edwin de Graaf from Guild Healthcare about their role as investors in companies shaping the transition to a better world. They realize that with the financial resources they are in a position to make a change. 'Global warming, refugee flows… the challenges are clear.'

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Creative use of euros for the energy transition

By Overijssel Energy Fund, Impact financing, News, PDENH, StartGreen Capital

Interview – September 5, 2023

The energy transition is in full swing, but a lot of work still needs to be done to prepare our world for the Paris climate goals. This not only requires a lot of money, but also creative constructions to use that money effectively. There is a major role for so-called 'alternative financiers' such as StartGreen Capital, who pursue social returns in addition to financial returns. What does their role look like? Sebastian Maks from Change Inc spoke with Coenraad de Vries, Nienke Rijpstra and Anthony Villevoije. 

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'Greater focus on the circular economy is needed now’

By Blog, Circularity, Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital
Expert Blog – July 11, 2023

StartGreen wants to help build a sustainable economy. That is why our funds invest in three impact areas: the Energy Transition, Diversity and Circularity. ''In broader society, the focus goes mainly to the first two, while circularity is under-reported,' says Laura Rooseboom, co-founder and Managing Partner of StartGreen in this blog. 'This needs to change, and the sooner the better. Businesses, governments and consumers must work together to prevent resource depletion.'

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The ASN Bank and StartGreen partnership: strong ties, short lines of communication

By Impact financing, News, Oneplanetcrowd., StartGreen Capital
June 22, 2023

Like StartGreen Capital, ASN Bank is a strong proponent of sustainable progress, making the two ideal partners in project financing. Going a step further, ASN Bank promotes specially selected campaigns from Oneplanetcrowd - StartGreen's crowdfunding platform - directly to its own customers. The Director of ASN Bank, Arie Koornneef, explains how shared goals can lead to unexpected gems of collaboration.

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