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Blog 3. Van start-up naar scale-up: lessen voor ondernemers en investeerders

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12 juli 2021

Op naar de grande finale waar ik in deze blogserie naartoe heb gewerkt. Nu we weten welke resultaten 7 jaar impact investeren hebben opgeleverd, is het interessant om te kijken naar de belangrijkste lessen die we met het elftal start-ups onderweg naar groei hebben geleerd. Lessen die ik zowel mede-impactinvesteerders als de ondernemers mee wil geven om de kansen op succesvolle opschaling te vergroten
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Laura Rooseboom bij Future Business Live over groene actieplan EU

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16 juni 2021

Als je van verandering houdt, is dit je tijd. Onze eigen changemaker Laura Rooseboom was afgelopen maandag te gast bij Future Business Live van Change Inc. om haar visie te geven op het groene actieplan van de EU; de groene taxonomie, de Sustainable Finance Regulation en het aangescherpte Non-financial Reporting Directive. Interessante kost en voer voor wie vandaag de dag zich bezig houdt met  impact investing. Kijk hier de compilatie terug en hoor wat Laura hierover te zeggen had.

Wil je meer weten over wat wij als StartGreen Capital voor impact maken? Check het hier in ons Impact Report.


Impact Report StartGreen Capital 2020 published

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June 10, 2021

we have us Impact Report on 2020 published. In a year that also turned out differently for us, we are proud to announce that StartGreen Capital has been able to achieve considerable results with its funds. It means that StartGreen Capital really functions as a catalyst for sustainable progress.

Since 2006, StartGreen Capital has had sustainable impact for an inclusive and circular economy in its DNA. StartGreen facilitates entrepreneurs who contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society with innovative technologies, products or services. This is the driving force behind all the investments we make. We focus on projects and companies that contribute to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on three themes: energy transition, circularity and diversity & inclusiveness. Our vision is that financial and social returns can go hand in hand.

Despite 2020 being an exceptional year due to COVID-19, StartGreen Capital has invested a total of €71 million during this year through 51 financing to sustainable companies (€70.5 million and 52 companies respectively in 2019). In addition, €23 million in additional capital has been committed (compared to €56 million in 2019) to enable new investments in the transition to a sustainable economy. In addition to the above, a large part of the StartGreen Capital team has committed itself to the assessment of more than 200 applications for the Corona Bridging Loan (COL) in the Province of Noord-Holland. This provides a large number of companies with emergency capital at very short notice. To help sustainable entrepreneurs further through the corona crisis, StartGreen Capital established the StartGreen Fund for Sustainable SME in 2020.

We hope to be able to make many new investments in 2021 and thus continue to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society. Also during this special year, the companies we have provided financing to have made an enormous effort to contribute to a more sustainable and social future. You can read about the impact for 2020 in our Impact Report.

Challenge and support entrepreneurs inside and outside Overijssel with innovative energy plans

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June 4, 2021

Innovations are desperately needed to enable the energy transition. That's why it works managed by us Energy Fund Overijssel together with development company Oost NL to help innovative entrepreneurs in the energy sector even better with their next breakthrough. In the Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel they challenge entrepreneurs and support them with their innovative energy plans. The collaboration was sealed today with the signing of a Letter of Intent, which was presented to Tijs de Bree, Provincial Executive for Energy, Environment and Labor Market of the province of Overijssel. Read all about it in the press release below.

-press release-

Cooperation East NL and Energiefonds Overijssel offers opportunities

Challenge and support entrepreneurs with innovative energy plans energie

The energy transition presents many challenges, but one thing is certain: innovations are desperately needed to make this transition possible. That is why Energiefonds Overijssel (EFO) and Oost NL are entering into a partnership to challenge and support entrepreneurs in their innovative energy plans. Entrepreneurs with an innovative energy product or solution in development can obtain financing, expertise, support and access to a large network via the Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel (VEIO) so that they can bring their product to the market faster. Today, the parties sealed the collaboration by signing a Letter of Intent, which was presented to Tijs de Bree, Provincial Executive for Energy, Environment and Labor Market of the province of Overijssel.

Accelerator of energy innovations inside and outside Overijssel
The aim of the collaboration is to accelerate the development of innovative energy initiatives and companies and thus give a boost to the energy transition in Overijssel. The Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel increases knowledge and the chances of success of energy innovations. Together, the parties have more than 25 million euros available for this. It offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to bring their energy product to the market more quickly. This does not only concern entrepreneurs in Overijssel: companies outside the province that want to establish themselves in Overijssel can also make use of this.

Anouk Blüm, general director of Energiefonds Overijssel, says about the collaboration:
“This offers opportunities for energy entrepreneurs in and outside Overijssel. Thanks to the collaboration, they have more clarity in less time about the financeability of their business and access to a large network with knowledge, expertise and other investors.”

Wendy de Jong, general manager East NL, says:
“Innovation is necessary to realize the energy transition. Oost NL and Energiefonds Overijssel together with capital, brainpower, knowledge and network stimulate innovative entrepreneurs from Overijssel. By joining forces, we arrive at smart financing solutions and entrepreneurs can achieve breakthroughs faster.”

Objective feedback on technology and market application
In addition to support in a risky phase, easier and faster access to financing and the network of private investors, the VEIO also offers the possibility to test the technical feasibility and market applications of products through the Start Team Energy Innovation, part of the province's Nieuwe Energie Overijssel. This allows entrepreneurs to make fine-tuning of their product and business case more quickly, so that the journey to the market comes into view more quickly. Tijs de Bree, Deputy for Energy, Environment and Labor Market, says: “Within the New Energy Overijssel programme, the Innovation cluster is intensively involved in stimulating and facilitating energy innovation. In order to support entrepreneurs in Overijssel even better, the Startteam for energy innovations was established at the end of 2019. The team helps, from different angles and specialisms, good ideas and developments that contribute to accelerating the energy transition.”

The signing marks the start of the collaboration and a campaign is launched to point out the possibilities to entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. The importance of the province in retaining innovative energy entrepreneurs is great. As of today, entrepreneurs and companies with an innovative energy product or solution in development can visit the websites of Oost NL and Energiefonds Overijssel.

East NL:  Accelerator Energy Innovations Overijssel | East NL.

Energy Fund Overijssel: VEIO Energy Fund Overijssel

LIOF invests in Borski Fund

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May 18, 2021
It Borski Fund raised an investment from LIOF, the regional development company for Limburg, which supports innovative entrepreneurs with advice, network and financing. A nice win-win situation with extra venture capital for Borski to invest in female entrepreneurs and various teams in Limburg, an opportunity for LIOF to stimulate diversity within companies in the start-up and scale-up phase. You can read more about it in the press release below.
-press release-

LIOF invests in Borski Fund, a fund with a focus on diversity and technology

LIOF invests in Borski Fund, a fund that invests with venture capital in female entrepreneurs and various teams. By participating in this fund, LIOF wants to stimulate diversity within companies in the start-up and scale-up phase. Earlier, by signing the diversity statement #FundRight, LIOF set itself the goal of increasing diversity within its portfolio within 3 years. This investment contributes to achieving this goal.
Why invest in diversity?
Research shows that only 5% of all venture capital investments are provided to mixed teams of men and women. Only 1% will be invested in female-only teams and 94% of the Venture Capital investments will be invested in male-only teams. Gaby Zandbergen, investment manager at LIOF explains: “Various teams bring other innovations to the market and companies with various teams present better financially. In addition, diversity and inclusion are no longer a vision but a necessity. For us as an investor, in addition to a moral appeal, it is also a financially correct decision to invest more in various teams. ” In addition, with this investment, LIOF increases the opportunity to come into contact with companies with a diverse team and thereby co-invest in these companies. And LIOF will actively work to offer female entrepreneurs in Limburg access to existing networks.
Quick wins for companies in Limburg
Start-ups and scale-ups in Limburg with a diverse team will benefit from the partnership between Borski Fund and LIOF. Think of joint events where investors share their expertise and where you expand your business network. The collaboration also offers companies the opportunity to participate in the so-called online coffee hour in which investment opportunities are discussed. You can register here.
LIOF wants to make an impact
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are high on LIOF's agenda. The focus is increasingly on social impact and investments are not only looking at economic returns, but also at the effects on the transitions energy, circularity, health and digitization and D&I. Together with entrepreneurs and partners, LIOF is working towards a smarter, more sustainable and healthier Limburg. That is the ambition for the coming years.
About Borski Fund
Borski Fund is an innovative venture capital fund that invests in technology companies with a diverse team. We believe in diversity, gender equality and fair opportunities. That is why we encourage more diversity in companies, more women who do business in a risk-bearing manner and more women who invest in a risk-bearing manner. This is the only way to create a diverse Dutch entrepreneurial landscape and a balanced situation of women in top positions. We help entrepreneurs realize their ambitions by leveraging our entrepreneurial experience and sharing our extensive and diverse network with them. Success has no gender.
More about Borski Fund.
About LIOF
LIOF is the regional development agency for Limburg and supports innovative entrepreneurs with advice, network and financing. We are there for every start-up, scale-up and SME with an innovative idea, a business plan or a financing request and for (foreign) entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in Limburg. We also help with cross-border cooperation and international business. Together with entrepreneurs and partners, we are working towards a smarter, more sustainable and healthier Limburg by focusing on the transitions of energy, circularity, health and digitization.
More about LIOF.

Oneplanetcrowd raises 1 million euros in growth financing from the European Investment Fund

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May 11, 2021

Our crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd recently raised EUR 1 million in growth financing from the European Investment Fund (EIF). Funding has been raised through the EU Program for Employment and Social Innovation and will be used to further develop the platform and achieve further growth. Read all about it below in the joint press release. And read the interview with our General Council Lisa Hees about this investment here.

Oneplanetcrowd raises EUR 1 million in growth financing from the European Investment Fund

- Crowdlending platform Oneplanetcrowd attracts EUR 1 million in growth funding from the European Investment Fund (EIF) for supporting social entrepreneurship.
- Funding is made possible by the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Program of the European Union.

To further develop the platform and achieve further growth, Oneplanetcrowd has raised funding from the European Investment Fund (EIF) through the EU Program for Employment and Social Innovation. This is a favorable loan with a term of eight years. The required equity capital has been strengthened because all shareholders have converted their outstanding (convertible) loans into shares and existing Oneplanetcrowd crowd investors have bought additional depositary receipts for shares. After the issue of these shares, Oneplanetcrowd is well positioned to finance its further growth. The conversion of loans greatly increases solvency.

“We are proud to have the EIF on board. With their financial support, we can further strengthen our growth and invest in our business model for financing small sustainable SMEs. It also demonstrates the strong and pragmatic effort of the EIF (EU) to support the alternative finance sector, which is even more necessary in these difficult economic times due to the coronavirus ” Thus Coenraad de Vries, managing director of Oneplanetcrowd.

“At this difficult time, access to finance for the smallest companies in our economies is more important than ever. In addition to the health emergency, one of the main goals of the EIF is to support SMEs wherever possible in the face of the economic consequences of this crisis. ” Added Alain Godard, Chief Executive of the EIF, please.

Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis, says: “Beyond traditional bank lending, Europe needs innovative forms of financing to meet the significant liquidity needs of SMEs and mid-caps. Oneplanetcrowd can bring together sustainable investors and social enterprises seeking financing, I am pleased that the EU can support this platform. ”

Investing in growth
Partly with this financing, further investments will be made in the quality of services in the coming years by, among other things:
• The improvement of the front-end and back-end IT systems
• Expanding the sales and marketing capacity.
• Offering new products such as bonds, shares and limited tradability.
• To meet strict regulatory requirements, as Oneplanetcrowd is one of the few platforms operating under MiFID II.

Oneplanetcrowd has received the capacity building investment funded by the European Union under the Employment and Social Innovation Program (EaSI). The EaSI program supports the social and employment policies of the European Union. The program falls directly under the responsibility of the European Commission and contributes to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy.

Wanted: starters with 0-2 years of work experience for a Sustainable Financing traineeship

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May 10, 2021

Are you a changemaker who believes in diversity, sustainability and a circular economy? And do you want to contribute to the transition to a sustainable future by financing cool brands such as Van Moof and Mud jeans? Then we are looking for you! Due to our growth, we are looking for talents for our Sustainable Financing traineeship.

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