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Oneplanetcrowd gets ESCP permit

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September 16, 2022

Oneplanetcrowd, our platform for sustainable financing, is having a festive week. Earlier it passed the magical 100 million mark. Yesterday, the platform was the third in Europe to receive the new European Crowdfunding Service Provider license (ECSP) from the AFM. This paves the way for offering sustainable financing propositions throughout Europe to private investors. 

The ECSP allows crowdfunding platforms to provide services across the entire EU internal market, under the same rules. This will increase the pool of potential investors for renewable energy projects, SMEs and scale-ups and ensure that investors have a wider choice of projects and better protection.

Fairer competition
Crowdfunding platforms operating in more than one EU country will have to comply with one set of ground rules – the new regulation – rather than different rules in each country. Before the advent of European legislation, crowdfunding platforms in Europe faced a patchwork of national consumer protection laws and regulations. 'Now there is one framework for all EU countries and crowdfunding platforms must meet the same requirements,' says Maarten de Jong, director of Oneplanetcrowd. 'That means fairer competition between platforms, better supervision from the AFM, more clarity for investors and more opportunities for entrepreneurs in search of financing.'

More accessible investing
The new license is therefore good news for both entrepreneurs and investors. Investors who invest via a platform with the ECSP license can count on the platform meeting strict requirements regarding, among other things, internal processes, systems, IT security, payment processes, quality and integrity of directors. In addition, the new license will allow more possibilities with regard to the transferability of bonds. This improved liquidity makes it more accessible to invest directly in unlisted companies or sustainable energy projects with a longer term.

European ambitions
The road to Europe is free thanks to the new permit. Oneplanetcrowd therefore has the ambition to offer sustainable financing propositions from all over Europe to all of Europe. De Jong intends to tackle this step by step, country by country, starting in the Benelux. “The ECSP gives us more than ever the status of a professional investment platform. And there is still a lot to be achieved in Europe in the field of sustainable project financing!'

Oneplanetcrowd reaches magical €100 million mark

By News, Oneplanetcrowd., Press, StartGreen Capital

September 13, 2022

Oneplanetcrowd, our sustainable finance platform, passed the €100 million mark for sustainable and social enterprises and projects this week thanks to more than 43,000 investors and nearly 300 campaigns.

Oneplanetcrowd, an initiative of StartGreen Capital, is a financing platform that brings together innovative impact entrepreneurs and forward-looking investors. Sustainable entrepreneurs and energy projects can obtain financing from private investors via the platform. Forward-looking investors can invest directly in innovative companies and projects. In this way investors make 'double returns': financially and socially.

VanMoof, Fairphone and Yoni
Among the 300 companies that were responsible for that € 100 million in recent years, are well-known names such as VanMoof, Fairphone and Seepje. Currently getting the company Yoni, that the femcaremarket is rapidly conquering, growth capital to finance its expansion plans. Within a week, the company raised more than €650,000, passing Oneplanetcrowd's total €100 million milestone. A convertible loan gives investors the opportunity to become a shareholder in this fast-growing company at a discount within three years.

In addition to SMEs and scale-ups, Oneplanetcrowd also offers many loans for sustainable energy projects. 'To make the energy transition possible, much more clout is needed,' explains director Maarten de Jong. 'That's why we have more and more solar, wind and bio-energy projects on our platform.'

Social and sustainable impact
Renewable energy is more topical than ever. De Jong therefore notices that many investors are interested in investing in these types of projects with a fixed return. But companies do not necessarily have to be green and sustainable. Companies with a social impact are also welcome on the Oneplanetcrowd platform. 'We recently had a project for future-proof education,' says De Jong. 'We are currently raising money for an organization that offers a fall prevention program to the elderly. This is often a cost item for municipalities, but with this Health Impact Bond private investors can make this possible with an expected net return of 27.4 percent in six years.' Oneplanetcrowd wants to 'democratize' capital with these kinds of propositions: where previously only professional parties could participate, these kinds of propositions are now also available to private investors via Oneplanetcrowd.

On the right track
While sentiment among investors worldwide is strongly negative due to all the uncertainty, Oneplanetcrowd is able to realize strong growth. More has already been collected in 2022 than in the entire previous year. De Jong is therefore aiming for an amount in the direction of € 25 million for this year. 'That is a growth of 50 percent compared to last year. I think this shows that we are on the right track.'

'We help impact companies grow with our value creation model'

By Blog, Borski Fund, Impact financing, News, StartGreen Capital
September 8, 2022

Bertrand van Leersum, Investment Manager at Borski Fund, describes how the Value Creation Model enables StartGreen to assess investment propositions and to help impact entrepreneurs grow. 'We are not an investor who watches from the sidelines. We want to actively maintain a relationship with entrepreneurs and regularly check with them what is going on.'

Read More

PDENH invests in reactor that converts nuclear waste into CO2-free energy

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

August 24, 2022

Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH) together with Positron Ventures, Invest-NL and Impuls Zeeland invest a total of €12.5 million in Thorizon, a company that converts nuclear waste into energy. This type of investment in a safer and more sustainable form of nuclear energy is a necessary step towards the energy transition.

The thorium molten salt reactor developed by Thorizon uses long-lived nuclear waste and the widely available metal thorium as fuel. As a result, this type of reactor can make an important contribution to a safe, virtually inexhaustible and CO2-free energy supply.

Essential Analytics and Testing
Thorizon originated as a spin-off from the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG), the main producer of radioisotopes for medical use in Europe and manager of the research reactors in Petten. Thorizon has been working on this completely new type of reactor for a number of years. With the €12.5 million investment, Thorizon will be able to perform essential analysis and testing, which will enable it to complete the design for the first prototype. The first reactor should be built before 2035.

Founder Lucas Pool: 'What started as a good idea a few years ago has now developed into a promising reactor design. We are extremely pleased with the confidence of our investors and development partners.'

Short-lived waste
Thorizon's technology could become an important link in the global energy supply, especially given the expected growth in energy demand and the phasing out of fossil sources. Thorizon's system mixes existing long-lived nuclear waste with the common metal thorium, converting much of the long-lived waste from existing nuclear power plants into short-lived waste and CO2-free energy.

Leading knowledge partners
For the development of the technology, Thorizon will work closely with several parties, including the French Orano, world leader in the recycling of nuclear materials, and with the aforementioned NRG. Thorizon is in talks with EPZ, operator of nuclear power plant Borssele, about the realization of a first system on their site. A broader consortium is also involved of knowledge institutions such as TU Delft and DIFFER, suppliers and industrial service providers that support the development.

Strong combination of investors
The investors form a strong combination of private and public parties. The private parties are venture capital fund Positron Ventures, a private investor, and the Huisman company, which, in addition to being an investor, will also become an industrial supplier. From the public sector, PDENH (lead investor), Invest-NL and Impuls Zeeland are investing in Thorizon. The parties are investing in Thorizon because they see the company's technology as a very serious candidate to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral economy, by developing a completely new, safe, virtually inexhaustible and CO2-free energy source.

You can read more about this innovation at Change.Inc

Energiefonds Overijssel is looking for a new member of the Supervisory Board

By Energiefonds Overijssel, Impact financing, Impactful financing, News, StartGreen Capital

June 14, 2022

The Supervisory Board of Energiefonds Overijssel consists of generalists with specific qualities, who together form a multidisciplinary team. The fund is currently looking for a new member for its Supervisory Board with a financial profile.

The fund strives for a balanced distribution of various expertise, experiences and characteristics. For integral decision-making, the Supervisory Board consists of members with a specific area of attention, who have a helicopter view. The composition of the Supervisory Board of Energiefonds Overijssel guarantees a pleasant and innovative collaboration.

Are you or do you know a financial expert in the field of renewable energy, energy saving and complex (early phase) energy investment issues? Read the full vacancy and check it out full job profile.

About Energiefonds Overijssel
Energiefonds Overijssel (Energy Fund Overijssel) is working towards twenty percent of all energy being sustainable energy by 2023 and making the Province of Overijssel energy neutral by 2050. To accelerate the energy transition in the province, the fund is financing the roll out of sustainable energy plans. Read more about the fund.

Or watch this short introductory video: We are Energiefonds Overijssel – YouTube

Borski Fund makes new femtech investment

By Borski Fund, Impact financing, News
May 31, 2022

Borski Fund has invested $10 million together with DSM Venturing, Calm/Storm Ventures and three angels in inne† With this investment, inne will expand its hormone technology: from fertility to perimenopause.

Inne offers women more insight into hormone levels and thus into their health and fertility. Thousands of women across Europe use inne's minilab, which measures progesterone levels with a saliva biosensor.

Inne is now expanding its progesterone tracking capability into perimenopause through an exclusive US partnership with Phenology, the new women's health brand from the team at Hologram Sciences. Women will soon be able to use the minilab to monitor hormonal changes during perimenopause – the early stage of menopause when hormone levels begin to decline. It is the first time that this is possible with a personalized test device for home use.

Nice femtech investment
Fund director Simone Brummelhuis: 'We are delighted to invest in inne and her exceptional team led by Eirini Rapti. The product is best in class for hormone level testing at home. Within a short period of time, inne has been shown to be a leader in quantified self-solutions for women. We're excited about its many uses, from fertility to birth control and perimenopause. At Borski Fund we invest in femtech and AI solutions, because this offers enormous opportunities for all women.'

Testing stress levels
In addition to extending to perimenopause, inne will also add the ability to analyze stress with a special cortisol tracing strip. Persistently high cortisol levels lead to a drop in estrogen levels, which can lead to weight gain, night sweats, sleep problems and mood swings. Tracking cortisol levels allows women to adjust their lifestyle and improve their long-term health. This can be especially helpful if they're trying to conceive or want to control perimenopause symptoms.

about inne
Eirini Rapti founded inne in 2017 to provide women with technology that helps them understand their bodies' hormonal levels. Inne's biosensor minilab allows women to measure their daily progesterone levels with a daily saliva test. Saliva measurement with the minilab has been proven to be as accurate as a laboratory progesterone test. Inne is now in the process of being certified as an official contraceptive.

Laura Rooseboom jury member AIEG 2022

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May 17, 2022

Tomorrow our co-founder Laura Rooseboom will be a jury member for the AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant (AIEG 2022): an incentive grant for students of Wageningen University to put impactful ideas into practice. 

With this grant from the University Fund Wageningen and StartHub, students of Wageningen University can realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. The jury consists of 5 experts in the field of impact investing.

Final round
Tomorrow is the final round, in which the jury determines which team has developed the best service or product in the agri-food or environmental sector, based on WUR research. 3 teams pitch for the Startup Award and 2 for the Impact Award.

This 1 minute video gives a short impression of the AIEG finalists.

Tomorrow you can follow the final live via this livestream: AIEG Finals 2022.

Coenraad de Vries table guest Transition Arena

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Apr 15, 2022

On April 22, Change Inc.'s first Transition Arena will take place. Place. The subject is the shift in revenue models: from paying for possession to paying for use. Or as it is called in trendy terms: the 'service model'. Co-founder of StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd. Coenraad de Vries takes a seat to share his vision and experience.

'As an 'alternative financier' we have a very good track record in the field of circularity,' Coenraad explains his seat at the round table. 'Good examples are our financing from Fairphone, Mud Jeans, Seepje and Peerby. I like to tell about our experiences in order to be able to take a step indirectly or in collaboration towards one of our objectives: a circular economy.'

Changing business cases
In addition to Coenraad on behalf of StartGreen Capital, representatives of Vattenfall, Rebel Group, PreZero, Peerby and Dutch Clean Tech Solutions will sit at the table. The central question at this interactive meeting is: 'How does a business case change with the emergence of the circular economy?' The table guests tell about the successes and the lessons learned† In the second part, those present can talk to the diners about their own case or ask for advice about their challenge.

More information and the registration form can be found at: Change Transition Arena: The service model

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