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Laure Claquin joins Thorizon as COO France

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

November 16, 2023

Thorizon, an Amsterdam start-up that wants to convert nuclear waste into energy, announced today that Laure Claquin will become Chief Operating Officer (COO) from January 1, 2024. Laure is therefore the third MT member, alongside CEO Kiki Lauwers and CTO Sander de Groot. Thorizon has been a portfolio company of the Participation Fund Sustainable Economy North Holland (PDENH) since September last year.

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Creative use of euros for the energy transition

By Overijssel Energy Fund, Impact financing, News, PDENH, StartGreen Capital

Interview – September 5, 2023

The energy transition is in full swing, but a lot of work still needs to be done to prepare our world for the Paris climate goals. This not only requires a lot of money, but also creative constructions to use that money effectively. There is a major role for so-called 'alternative financiers' such as StartGreen Capital, who pursue social returns in addition to financial returns. What does their role look like? Sebastian Maks from Change Inc spoke with Coenraad de Vries, Nienke Rijpstra and Anthony Villevoije. 

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Are you struggling with impact and ESG reporting? You're not alone…

By Blog, Borski Fund, Energiefonds Overijssel, News, Oneplanetcrowd., PDENH, StartGreen Capital
Expert Blog – July 3, 2023

'Good – far from perfect – but we are working on it and showing year-on-year progress '. That's how Dylan Perales, Sustainability Lead at StartGreen, summarizes our impact and ESG reporting journey. In this blog, Dylan shares his thoughts on the challenges he and his peers face with the introduction of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan (including the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and the EU Taxonomy).

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PDENH invests in restoring biodiversity in the North Sea

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

May 2, 2023

Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH) finances – together with Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation and Nesec Ship Finance – the construction of a Sea Ranger Service sailing vessel. The ship will be used from the beginning of 2024 for research and management of the North Sea. Sea Rangers will also promote the recovery of seagrass from the ship, which retains CO2 and makes a major contribution to biodiversity.

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PDENH participates in a follow-up investment in Dexter Energy of € 10.5 million

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

April 18, 2023

Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH) has made a follow-up investment in Dexter Energy, specialist in AI forecasting for balancing and optimizing sustainable energy. This €10.5 million 'Series B' financing round was led by new investor ETF Partners, followed by current investors Newion and Rockstart .

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Fairphone raises 49 million from investors, including PDENH

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

February 2, 2023

The Dutch sustainable smartphone company Fairphone has raised 49 million euros in growth capital. In doing so, it can strengthen its brand position and create even more awareness about fairness and sustainability in the electronics industry. The investment comes from an international consortium of impact investors and existing shareholders, including Participatiefonds Duurzaam Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH).

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Triple Solar raises 10 million growth capital

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

January 17, 2023

Triple Solar, portfolio company of Particatiefonds Duurzaam Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH), has attracted an important new shareholder: pension fund ABP. In this investment round, the shareholders have jointly invested 10 million euros in the fast-growing PVT heat pump and panel producer. With this you can the company will continue to lead the way in the energy transition in the coming years.

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PDENH invests in reactor that converts nuclear waste into CO2-free energy

By News, PDENH, Press, StartGreen Capital

August 24, 2022

Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland (PDENH) together with Positron Ventures, Invest-NL and Impuls Zeeland invest a total of €12.5 million in Thorizon, a company that converts nuclear waste into energy. This type of investment in a safer and more sustainable form of nuclear energy is a necessary step towards the energy transition.

The thorium molten salt reactor developed by Thorizon uses long-lived nuclear waste and the widely available metal thorium as fuel. As a result, this type of reactor can make an important contribution to a safe, virtually inexhaustible and CO2-free energy supply.

Essential Analytics and Testing
Thorizon originated as a spin-off from the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG), the main producer of radioisotopes for medical use in Europe and manager of the research reactors in Petten. Thorizon has been working on this completely new type of reactor for a number of years. With the €12.5 million investment, Thorizon will be able to perform essential analysis and testing, which will enable it to complete the design for the first prototype. The first reactor should be built before 2035.

Founder Lucas Pool: 'What started as a good idea a few years ago has now developed into a promising reactor design. We are extremely pleased with the confidence of our investors and development partners.'

Short-lived waste
Thorizon's technology could become an important link in the global energy supply, especially given the expected growth in energy demand and the phasing out of fossil sources. Thorizon's system mixes existing long-lived nuclear waste with the common metal thorium, converting much of the long-lived waste from existing nuclear power plants into short-lived waste and CO2-free energy.

Leading knowledge partners
For the development of the technology, Thorizon will work closely with several parties, including the French Orano, world leader in the recycling of nuclear materials, and with the aforementioned NRG. Thorizon is in talks with EPZ, operator of nuclear power plant Borssele, about the realization of a first system on their site. A broader consortium is also involved of knowledge institutions such as TU Delft and DIFFER, suppliers and industrial service providers that support the development.

Strong combination of investors
The investors form a strong combination of private and public parties. The private parties are venture capital fund Positron Ventures, a private investor, and the Huisman company, which, in addition to being an investor, will also become an industrial supplier. From the public sector, PDENH (lead investor), Invest-NL and Impuls Zeeland are investing in Thorizon. The parties are investing in Thorizon because they see the company's technology as a very serious candidate to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral economy, by developing a completely new, safe, virtually inexhaustible and CO2-free energy source.

You can read more about this innovation at Change.Inc

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