Energiefonds Overijssel


BTG Bioliquids (BTG-BTL)

BTG-BTL produces oil from biomass (wood chips) by means of pyrolysis and markets this technology worldwide. The factory is located in Hengelo.


RC Panels

Rc Panels uses a prefab construction method to make insulating facades that make existing houses more sustainable in one go.


S4 Ancillary Services BV

S4 Energy is developing a new type of energy storage via a combination of batteries and a flywheel, which absorbs fluctuations in the energy network.

Energiefonds Overijssel (Energy Fund Overijssel) is working towards twenty percent of all energy being sustainable energy by 2023 and making the Province of Overijssel energy neutral by 2050. To accelerate the energy transition in the province, the fund is financing the roll out of sustainable energy plans.


Who is it for
Sustainable energy projects and innovative businesses in Overijssel.

Energiefonds Overijssel offers different types of financing depending on the nature, risk and needs of the business or project. The Fund’s financing instruments are shares, loans, subordinate loans, and securities. These different types of financing can also be combined.

Ticket size
Between € 250.000 and € 15.000.000.

Founding date
Energiefonds Overijssel was founded in 2012 by the Province of Overijssel. It was the first regional energy fund in the Netherlands and became a revolving fund in 2018.

This means that the income generated by previous investments that flow back into the fund are subsequently used for new shares and loans.

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For participations

  • Focus on businesses/innovative projects that save energy and/or generate renewable energy from sustainable sources.
  • Companies with up to 250 FTEs and/or an annual turnover of up to € 50.000.000 or a balance sheet of up to € 43.000.000.
  • Located in Overijssel.

For loans and guarantees

  • Businesses/projects that generate renewable energy or save energy.
  • Businesses that develop technologies for generating or saving renewable energy.
  • Located in Overijssel.

Advisory Committee Energiefonds Overijssel

Jean-Pierre Sweerts


Ad van Wijk

Juul Vaandrager

Paul Nederkoorn

Willy Wagenmans

Supervisory Board Energiefonds Overijssel

Pieter van Geel


Ben Voorhorst

Roeland van Straten

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