Wind power plant II

The Wind Power Plant makes it possible for everyone to generate their own energy with one of our wind turbines.



With every phone we make, we get closer to the goal of making the electronics industry fairer and more sustainable.


Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic is the bicycle sharing platform in Europe. We are proof that with technology, good equipment and constructive cooperation with municipalities you can offer an effective and sustainable solution to the mobility challenges of cities.

StartGreen Capital is the initiator of Oneplanetcrowd, the first sustainable crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurs use the platform to finance the development of their innovative products and services with resources from the crowd. Projects on Oneplanetcrowd contribute to a more sustainable or social world.


Via the platform, Oneplanetcrowd wants to contribute to a more sustainable or social world by linking impact entrepreneurs to future-oriented investors.

For whom
The platform has two target groups: entrepreneurs and investors. We focus on delivering “more than money” for both target groups:

  • Entrepreneurs who create a positive impact on people or the environment with their product or service and, in addition to money, often also want to achieve ambassadors and publicity or local support.
  • Investors who want a double return: an attractive financial return and a positive impact on people and the environment

Loans and bonds as well as convertible loans are issued via the platform.

Ticket size
From € 250,000 to a maximum of € 5,000,000 (without prospectus). For larger amounts, an AFM approved prospectus must be drawn up.

Date of incorporation
StartGreen Capital has been initiator of Oneplanetcrowd, the first sustainable crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands, since 2012.

The complete portfolio


A loan is provided to an established company that is already generating turnover and wants to take the next step, or to a sustainable energy project with relatively predictable cash flows.

  • Convertible loans are provided to innovative companies with potential for rapid growth.
  • From € 100,000 to € 10 million +
  • Loan Interest Rate: 4% to 10%
  • Duration: 1 to 12 years

advisory Board

Marili 't Hooft


Taco van der Mast

Stef Hinfelaar

Report your application

If you would like to be eligible for a participation by one of the StartGreen Capital funds or if you are interested in crowdfunding, we ask you to register your idea online by filling in the registration form below.

If you have any questions about the registration form, the procedures or the criteria, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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