StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund and StartGreen Consumer Products Fund



Design and production of load-bearing structures of fiber-reinforced plastic (composite) for bridges, floating roads, balconies and noise barriers, among other things.



Biobased and biodegredable plastics that can be used in business2business and business2consumer products.

StartGreen Capital manages two Venture Capital funds: the StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund and the StartGreen Consumer Products Fund. Both funds are aimed at innovative entrepreneurs who want to commercialize or accelerate their growth in sustainable technology.

Driving sustainable innovation by investing in Technostarters at an early stage of life, mainly in the segments sustainable energy, sustainable materials and sustainable ICT solutions. In addition, the investment focus is on techniques that enable consumers to live, work, travel and relax more sustainably.

For whom
Both funds are aimed at innovative entrepreneurs who want to commercialize or accelerate their growth in sustainable technology.

The fund provides equity and loan capital in the form of seed capital, start-up capital and expansion capital. This is done with shares and subordinated (convertible) loans.

Ticket size
From € 250,000 to a maximum of € 1,500,000

Date of incorporation
StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund was founded in 2006 and the StartGreen Consumer Products Fund in 2007. These funds are a collaboration between ABN AMRO Participaties NPE Fund BV, DOEN Participaties and several Family Offices.

Both funds have now been invested, which means that no new financing can be applied for via these funds.



  • Your company belongs to the Technostarter category. That means that:
    1. Sell / will sell your products, processes or services - not consultancy services - that are based on a new technical invention or a new application of existing technology.
    2. your company has not been registered in the Chamber of Commerce register for more than five years.
    3. you belong to the starter or SME segment.
  • Your company has a sustainable solution for consumer applications, preferably in the segments: Water, Energy, Emissions and Pollution or Mobility;
  • StartGreen Capital is looking for commercially strong propositions with excellent return expectations. Your product and / or service meets a clear market need and is distinctive from competitors;
  • StartGreen Capital attaches great value to driven entrepreneurs and also looks at the qualities, experience and market knowledge of the management;
  • StartGreen Capital applies market-based return criteria; the level of our return requirement naturally depends on the risk profile of the participation, the nature of the participation and the business phase;
  • The minimum investment per participation is € 100,000 and the maximum investment per participation is € 1,500,000;
  • StartGreen Capital requests control of the company and in all cases acquires the right to appoint a member of the Supervisory Board;
  • StartGreen Capital strives to say goodbye to each other after 4 to 6 years.

Supervisory Board

Sustainable Innovation Fund

Wim Jacobs


Lourens Touwen

Consumer Products Fund

Menno Reinders


Wim Jacobs

Richard Kooloos

Report your application

If you want to be eligible for a participation by one of the StartGreen Capital funds or if you are interested in crowdfunding, we ask you to register your idea online by filling in the registration form below.

If you have any questions about the registration form, the procedures or the criteria, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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