Catalyst of sustainable progress - How do we do it?

Structuring and managing financing
We structure, finance and manage the financing of impact entrepreneurs with both loans and venture capital. 

Identifying themes in the market
With an experienced team of specialists, we identify issues in the market that need financing at an early stage.

Development of new funds
Together with our investors, we develop new funds and financing options that accelerate the transition to sustainability, circularity and diversity.

Realized impact in 2020


Tons of CO2 reduction


FTE employment created


Sold sustainable products


Buildings preserved


MWh of solar energy generated


Generated m3 of green gas
Read all about it here in the Impact Report StartGreen Capital 2020

Theory of Change StartGreen

Impact investing is still a niche activity. We want to turn this into mainstream ideas. You can see how we do this in the Theory of Change model that we follow: in simple steps we clarify what the goal is, why it is and how we can achieve this.

To measure to what extent entrepreneurs contribute to which of the 17 goals is a indicators set developed with a number of indicators per SDG. Indicators are, for example, the number of children receiving better education, the number of households that contribute to a sustainable society, the number of kilojoules of energy generated or the amount of CO2 saved. We determine one or more indicators per company.

Read all about it here in the Impact Report StartGreen Capital 2020

Energy transition

We now also dare to call ourselves experts in the field of financing the sustainability of energy supply in the Netherlands. We invest in projects and manage funds that accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Such as Energiefonds Overijssel; the largest regional energy fund in the Netherlands, in which we have been involved as manager since its foundation in 2012.


We - and fortunately more and more people with us - believe that the current linear and fossil economy does not have eternal life. The resulting climate problems and the depletion of natural resources speak for themselves. It requires a new economic system that respects the carrying capacity of the earth and keeps the needs of humans, animals and the environment in a healthy balance. This new economy will be aimed at reuse and recovery. Based on this idea, we started our crowdfunding platform OnePlanetCrowd, among other things. There we bring innovative entrepreneurs and future-oriented investors together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.


At StartGreen Capital we believe in diversity, equality and fair opportunities for everyone. That is why we invest in funds and projects that promote these fair opportunities. Why? Because companies with a diverse team are often more innovative and perform better. And because diversity, capital and business opportunities go together very well in our opinion. That is why we are co-founder of the Borski Fund, which offers venture capital to female entrepreneurs in order to increase their share in the economy.

Innovative financing options

We dare to do things that have never been done before. In setting up new funds, structuring financing and financing innovations. We offer a wide range of financing products that make us unique in our kind.

But our input goes further than just providing and structuring financing. Our expertise and strength lies mainly in the combination of market knowledge, network, entrepreneurial guidance and investment experience. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in impact investing within the most important themes of our time. As a result, we know where to look and where there are opportunities for new financing and investment opportunities. In this way we can not only be the first to spot the latest developments in the market. We can also bring together the needs of entrepreneurs and investors in new funds and structures. As a partner, we work with all parties to ensure that both the company and the investment are successful.

Financing instruments StartGreen Capital

Based on the needs of the companies we finance, we use various financing instruments, often combining several options.

Convertible Loans


Senior and junior loans



Investment process

What can we do do for you?

At StartGreen Capital you are assured of a good balance between entrepreneurial and responsible financing, in order to grow successful impact entrepreneurs. Want to know more about how we work and what we can do for you?