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April 15, 2021

It looks like the economy will reopen soon. Entrepreneurs who look ahead want to start up and invest again. However, traditional financiers look at 2020 from an old perspective, which often makes financing difficult. The entrepreneur needs a financing partner who looks at the opportunities of 2021. Three SME financing parties, including the Oneplanetcrowd initiated by us, join forces and offer entrepreneurs financing power, personal guidance and speed with Prognose Financing. Read more about it here.

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Alternative financiers offer a solution with Prognosefinancieren for SMEs who want to move forward

April 15, 2021 - Now that an economy is opening up again, entrepreneurs are making reopening plans. How do you finance investments after a difficult year? Traditional financiers are cautious about providing capital in times of crisis. Three parties with extensive experience with SME financing are joining forces: Financing Guild, and Oneplanetcrowd.. They are introducing Prognosis Finance, with which they help the entrepreneur who is looking ahead on the way to recovery with a personal approach. 

Investment plans have been shelved due to a complicated year. Now that an economy is opening up again, entrepreneurs want to implement their deferred investment plans. Research by the MKB Financiering Foundation shows that 45% of entrepreneurs wants to invest in the short term, which shows a growing optimism among entrepreneurs. The MKB Financiering Foundation also advises entrepreneurs to make reopening plans and to draw up scenarios for liquidity developments and financing needs. Funding for these growth plans is important to get the engine of the economy running again.

Looking ahead is important when it comes to financing after a difficult year
When applying for financing, traditional lenders, such as banks, mainly look at the results of the past period. However, if the past period deviates from the normal results due to corona, there is a greater chance of rejection. Research by the MKB Financiering Foundation shows that SMEs are increasingly opting for other forms of financing outside the bank. 22% of the SMEs has already opted for non-bank financing.

The way to alternative financiers and good credit arrangements is still relatively unknown
Entrepreneurs do not always know their way to non-bank, alternative financiers and often need advice in this regard. Only a third of the companies rejected by the bank have continued to look for other financing and have succeeded. In addition, the government has set up various financial schemes for entrepreneurs, such as a surety credit (BMKB-C), whereby the government guarantees three-quarters of the financing amount. However, little use is made of this, according to figures from the Dutch Banking Association. Only 14 percent of SME bank loans with a government guarantee have been provided. This scheme is also offered by alternative financiers and can also be combined with crowdfunding, so that the funding is given extra strength by the ambassadors involved.

Forecast finance: financing solution for entrepreneurs who want to grow again
Three SME financing parties, Financing Guild, and Oneplanetcrowd, are joining forces to help entrepreneurs get out of the crisis and introduce Prognosefinancieren. This approach emphasizes the forecast for the coming year when assessing funding demand. Based on the situation of the company and the expected scenarios for the coming months, liquidity is forecast with the corresponding financing requirement. With tailor-made advice, personal guidance and financing power, entrepreneurs are enabled to realize their investments and to grow again and investors get a good picture of the risks and opportunities. and Oneplanetcrowd have around 15 million euros available for BMKB-C loans and this can be supplemented with crowdfunding.

Andre Hendriksen, owner of the Financing Guild:
“Right now, the forecast for the coming year is crucial to convince lenders to provide financing. We work closely with Geldvoorelkaar and Oneplanetcrowd, because this gives entrepreneurs quick access to financing with or without government guarantees. ” 

Chris Stoffer, Member of the House of Representatives (SGP):
“Alternative forms of financing, such as Prognose Financing, can offer great opportunities for SMEs. Especially now it can be the support they need for entrepreneurs to get out of the crisis. That is why I will continue to work in the House of Representatives to encourage alternative forms of financing. "

Ronald Kleverlaan, Chairman of the SME Financing Foundation:
“Financing is looking ahead. This good initiative helps the entrepreneur to find suitable financing to invest in future growth. ” 

Personal advice and webinar forecasting financing
Entrepreneurs who want to know whether Prognosis Financing suits them, can fill in a forecast quickscan and find more information at Entrepreneurs can also register here for a webinar about growth and recovery after corona.

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