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Amsterdam, November 2, 2020

The StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund and Invest-NL are joining forces to help sustainable SME entrepreneurs who cannot or do not want to go to the bank during the corona crisis. The StartGreen Fund for Sustainable SMEs contains more than € 10 million, of which Invest-NL is contributing € 5 million.

Various authorities estimate that about half of the SME entrepreneurs will have or will have liquidity problems as a result of the second corona wave in the next 6 months. Many sustainable entrepreneurs and family businesses find it difficult to find financing when they experience a liquidity shortage. The business model of the former entrepreneurs is often seen as risky, especially in an economic recession. Family businesses often self-finance and therefore have less access to regular financing when they need it. Both types of companies are often the engine of innovation and the driver of an economy that does not exhaust itself. For a sustainable restart of the economy, it is important that these companies emerge from the crisis in a healthy way.

The StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund was established this year to help companies with a sustainable or social impact. These are entrepreneurs who contribute to one or more 'Sustainable Development Goals'. These have been set by the United Nations and are seen as global goals for sustainable development. The fund is raised by Invest-NL and various (former) entrepreneurs and currently has more than € 10 million. This allows the fund to provide SME Corona Guarantee Loans (BMKB-C) between € 200,000 and € 2 million to sustainable entrepreneurs. The surety loan offers opportunities for companies that can offer little security to financiers, because this is partly covered by a state guarantee.

Jorine Zandhuis, Business Developer Invest-NL: “We want to make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. Sustainable entrepreneurs are of great importance for this. Also during the Covid-19 pandemic. Right now! With this fund-in-fund investment, we help sustainable entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions, so that they can give our economy the sustainable reboot that is needed ”.

Jakoba van der Mei, StartGreen Fund Sustainable SMEs: “Many entrepreneurs find it harder to turn to the bank in these difficult times. With the StartGreen Fund for Sustainable SMEs, we want to help entrepreneurs by financing their liquidity shortage with a BMKB-C credit. With this fund we can offer personal guidance and speed. We do this because every case is unique and the entrepreneurs often want a concrete solution quickly so that they can continue to do business ”.

For more information about the fund and how to register, see

StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund
The StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund was established to provide financing to sustainable entrepreneurs who are experiencing liquidity problems or who have to invest in their business as a result of the corona measures. Invest-NL and former entrepreneurs have raised the fund. The fund is managed by StartGreen Capital, one of the largest fund managers in impact financing in the Netherlands. StartGreen Capital was founded in 2006 and has more than 40 employees. For more information see and

Invest-NL invests as an impact investor in companies and projects that make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. The focus is on the energy transition and on innovative fast-growing companies (scale-ups). Invest-NL finances and advises innovative entrepreneurs according to the principle 'impact is the goal, return is the means'. Invest-NL always works together with other financiers and is the Dutch partner for European investment institutions. Invest-NL employs 50 employees from the Amsterdam office. For more information see


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