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November 11, 2021

Participation Fund Sustainable Economy Noord-Holland (PDENH) invests in 30MHz: an Amsterdam based scale-up that focuses on making horticulture more sustainable. In a second investment round, the company raised 6.5 million euros.

The 30MHz data platform provides growers, farmers and market gardeners all over the world with insight into the climatic conditions of their crops. It does this by interactively analyzing a wide variety of information from different data sources, such as climate computers, sensors and manual input. This data makes them transparent for farmers, growers, advisors, distributors and researchers. By also connecting these groups with each other via the platform, 30MHz contributes to the more effective, efficient and therefore more sustainable cultivation of vegetables, plants and seeds.

Expand further
In addition to PDENH, Rubio Impact Ventures, the Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund, SHIFT Invest II and the Goeie Grutten Impactfonds are participating. 30MHz will use the investment for further growth of the company, to accelerate technological developments and to further expand its role as a connector.

Double impact
Bart Blokhuis, fund director of the North Holland Sustainable Economy Participation Fund: 'PDENH is very pleased with the addition of 30MHz to its portfolio. With strong management and a unique and scalable proposition, 30MHz is ready to make a big commercial impact. At least as important: she makes an impact in the field of sustainability in the agri-food sector by making as much data and insights available to customers as possible.'

PDENH stimulates sustainable activity, employment and innovation and thus contributes to a sustainable economy in the province of North Holland. The fund is specifically intended for companies and projects that give the sustainable economy an extra boost and focus on the energy transition, a circular economy and sustainable mobility. More about PDENH


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