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April 20, 2021

Creating opportunities and taking advantage of opportunities, that is what entrepreneurs are particularly good at. 

In recent times, this has been a huge challenge due to corona. But if we continue to focus on the past now, we run the risk of being overtaken by the future. That is precisely why it is important to look ahead now and make a plan to finance a promising future in time. And for those entrepreneurs who are now making plans for this, there are opportunities in the offing.

Alternative SME financiers in addition to the banking offer
One such opportunity is the growing SME financing offering from alternative financiers, in addition to that of the existing banks. It is precisely these non-banking parties that can make a difference with their personal approach compared to the bank because they provide customization. Traditional lenders mainly look at the results of the past period. However, if this period deviates from the normal results due to corona, there is a greater chance of rejection. An ever-growing group of entrepreneurs opt for non-bank financing. Research by the MKB Financiering Foundation shows that 22% of SMEs has already opted for non-bank financing.

Where can you find solid non-bank financiers?
The path to non-bank providers of capital is not yet known to all entrepreneurs and advice is often required. Therefore, strikes Oneplanetcrowd (initiated by StartGreen) is now joining hands with two parties with a lot of SME financing experience: Funding Guild and Together we introduce Forecast finance, which helps entrepreneurs who want to look ahead on their way out of the corona crisis towards recovery.

Forecast financing offers prospects for the future
Forecast financing, as the name implies, puts the emphasis on the company's forecast for the coming year, when assessing financing demand. Based on the situation of the company and the expected scenarios for the coming months, liquidity is forecast with the corresponding financing requirement. The tailor-made advice, personal guidance and a smooth process offer SMEs the opportunity to realize investments and growth. In addition, the forecast provides a good picture of the risks and opportunities for financiers. A win-win situation.

Financial government schemes increase the possibilities
Research shows that in addition to the most well-known financial schemes from the government, there are also options that are less known and are therefore still rarely used. For example, an extension of the Corona guarantee loan (BMKB-C) has been created, whereby the government guarantees three-quarters of the financing amount. and Oneplanetcrowd have around 15 million euros available for BMKB-C loans and this can be supplemented with crowdfunding. Oneplanetcrowd focuses on sustainable and impact-driven SMEs and in this way contributes to a sustainable restart of the economy.

Can forecasting finance offer a solution for your business? Then do a forecast quickscan now via the website, sign up for it webinar about growth and recovery after corona or send me an email: This way we can let SMEs (again) do business.


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