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As one of the largest Dutch fund managers in impact financing, StartGreen manages and supervises the financing of ventures and projects with both loans as venture capital. And we develop new funds and financing options together with our investors. You will find an overview of our current funds on the right.

We all do this to drive sustainable progress and further accelerate the transition to a responsible economy. The energy transition, Lake diversity and circularity are important to us in this. The crowdfunding platform and all funds that we manage are always active on one or more of these themes.

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Energy Fund Overijssel


Rc Panels BV

Rc Panels uses a prefab construction method to make insulating facades that make existing houses more sustainable in one go.


Rubisco Foods

Rubisco Foods makes sustainable, green proteins from water lentils that grow quickly with less energy consumption.


S4 Ancillary Services BV

S4 Energy is developing a new type of energy storage via a combination of batteries and a flywheel, which absorbs fluctuations in the energy network.

The province of Overijssel has a very ambitious target for new energy: sustainable forms of energy must provide 20% of the total energy requirement of the province by 2023 and Overijssel wants to be fully energy neutral by 2050.

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Participation Fund Sustainable Economy North Holland



ChainCraft develops mixed culture fermentation technologies to produce sustainable biobased chemicals


MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans produces sustainable jeans with 40 percent recycled cotton.


Dexter Energy Services

Dexter Energy develops software for the management of energy networks, based on artificial intelligence.

The province of Noord-Holland has been a strong believer in the power of sustainable and innovative energy for many years. Energy that saves the environment, but also fuels the economy. Energy that you invest in together. This fund is an important instrument for the development of a sustainable economy in the province.

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Wind power plant II

The Wind Power Plant makes it possible for everyone to generate their own energy with one of our wind turbines.



With every phone we make, we get closer to the goal of making the electronics industry fairer and more sustainable.


Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic is the bicycle sharing platform in Europe. We are proof that with technology, good equipment and constructive cooperation with municipalities you can offer an effective and sustainable solution to the mobility challenges of cities.

StartGreen Capital is the initiator of Oneplanetcrowd, the first sustainable crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurs use the platform to finance the development of their innovative products and services with resources from the crowd. Projects on Oneplanetcrowd contribute to a more sustainable or social world.

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Borski Fund


IME Medical Electrospinning

Our cutting-edge medical electrospinning research and development equipment, MediSpin® XL platform and application development services enable our customers to realize their superior fiber-based medical devices.


Atlantic Therapeutics

Atlantic Therapeutics aims to improve the quality of life for people through medical devices, by restoring and strengthening their pelvic health.



A 'fashion on-demand' company, with the vision and ambition to facilitate on-demand production on a large scale. Zielwear is building a technology platform to design, manufacture and supply clothing to companies based on actual consumer demand.


The Fabricant

The Fabricant is the world's leading digital fashion house and a pioneer in the digitization of the fashion industry.

Borski Fund was established in the second half of 2019. The fund focuses on female entrepreneurs and companies targeting women. Within the participations of Borski fund, there is at least one woman on the management team with an equity interest in the company.

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StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund


StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund



Financing in corona time for Stoov

The StartGreen Sustainable SME Fund has more than 10 million euros available to help sustainable entrepreneurs through the corona crisis. The corona crisis is causing liquidity problems for many SME entrepreneurs and not all sustainable entrepreneurs want or can turn to the bank. For a sustainable restart of the economy, it is important that these companies emerge from the crisis in a healthy way.

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StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund and StartGreen Consumer Products Fund



Design and production of load-bearing structures of fiber-reinforced plastic (composite) for bridges, floating roads, balconies and noise barriers, among other things.



Biobased and biodegredable plastics that can be used in business2business and business2consumer products.

It StartGreen Sustainable Innovation Fund and the StartGreen Consumer Products Fund both focus on innovative entrepreneurs who want to commercialize or accelerate their growth in sustainable technology.

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The Next Women Crowd Fund



Fit in 20 minutes and always with your personal companion.



With the online platform Vastari connects art, knowledge and culture.

This fund was set up in mid-2014 as a collaboration between The Next Women and Oneplanetcrowd. The fund has a twofold objective; stimulating female entrepreneurs and stimulating female investors.

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