Our mission

For StartGreen Capital, a sustainable economy is an economy that does not exhaust itself and in which everyone can participate to the fullest potential. We believe that impact entrepreneurs initiate the transition towards this.

StartGreen strives to catalyse progress by financing large societal themes such as the energy transition, diversity and circularity.


StartGreen Capital believes in being transparent and open about what we do and how we do it. To this end, we are transparent in how we manage the organisation, its governance structure and its remuneration policy.

StartGreen Capital’s management team consists of five members. All members of the Board have strong experience in fund management, venture capital, project financing and investment management to fulfil their tasks appropriately.

The board members are:

Co-founder and Managing Partner of StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd

Coenraad de Vries

After graduating, I worked in various management positions in the banking industry for nearly ten years. In 2006 I decided to turn my hobby of co-creating social entrepreneurship – which I had done in my free time since studying – into a real job. I set up StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd with Laura.
My biggest desire is to let StartGreen and Oneplanetcrowd expand by creating financing opportunities. We can do this with entrepreneurial teams that excel within a larger structure. After all, autonomous teams are best equipped to serve particular client segments. The main challenge here is to create a balance between the entrepreneurial spirit of a team and the required responsibility, risk awareness and organisational demands of a financing corporation.

Business passion
My personal goal is to accelerate a two-fold sustainable change in the financial sector. Two-fold sustainability in the sense of: 1) creating financing solutions for entrepreneurs that bring about positive change for the environment and/or society; and 2) using financing solutions that are more transparent and have lower transaction costs than the usual solutions.

Co-founder and Managing Partner of StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd

Laura Rooseboom

Before I started with StartGreen Capital together with Coenraad, I was director at DOEN Participaties, the venture fund of the DOEN Foundation of the Postcode Lottery. This made me one of the first investors in sustainable companies in the Netherlands and helped many of the first “green” companies with their growth. Before that, I worked as an account manager for private banking clients at NBC Vermogensbeheer (now Fair Capital Partners).
I studied Business Administration at Erasmus University and did a post-doctoral degree as a Chartered Financial Analyst at the VU (Free University) of Amsterdam.

Business passion
I believe that one world is enough, not three or five depending on the desired lifestyle. This requires everyone to act to their full potential and not only watch from the sidelines because their capacities are not recognised and acknowledged. Also, raw materials, commodities and means of production will need to be used much more efficiently.

Director Equity

Karel Asselbergs

After studying Business Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I gained extensive transaction experience in M&A positions at Deloitte and ING Corporate Finance. I then worked for a number of years at KRC Capital, with which I made the transition to the investment world. Because my heart lies with sustainable impact, I started at StartGreen Capital in 2013 where I now fulfill the role of Director of Participations. I am a member of the board of the Energiefonds Overijssel where I am responsible for the participation part of the fund. My expertise lies in particular in venture capital investments and project financing for companies in the cleantech and sustainable energy sector.

Business passion:
My passion lies in making a substantial contribution to the energy transition by providing both sustainable energy projects and innovative cleantech companies with tailor-made investments. I literally get energy from building financially healthy companies together with entrepreneurs that can really change the world, because that is the challenge we face in this necessary transition. I like the transaction dynamics and the complex puzzles that often have to be solved when structuring deals; creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking are crucial in this respect. Building on the expertise and network of StartGreen Capital, I always strive - with our team - to support entrepreneurs and actually help them further. Because entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation and the energy transition, in which we as a partner and investor want to accelerate. Because we are not there yet!

Director Debt Financing

Anouk Blüm

I have been working at StartGreen since 2018 and have previously worked for some time with my current colleagues to develop the Energiefonds Overijssel. Since December 2019 I have been director of the Energiefonds Overijssel and responsible for the loan portfolio. In Groningen I studied Economics after which I started at KMPG - Financial Services as a trainee. I then worked for about five years as investment manager Micro-Finance at Oxfam-Novib and Triple Jump. After that, I worked at ASN Bank for ten years in sustainable project financing, after which I made the switch to StartGreen.

Business passion
I would like to contribute to a fair and sustainable world and I have a passion for banking. In my current position, this is perfectly combined because with our focus you can enable projects that make the world more sustainable (and) fairer and will drive further development of it.


Jan Willem Grandia

After my study business economics, I completed the post-master Register Controller. I now have about 15 years of experience in the financial sector, always in a financial role, whereby risk and compliance have become an increasingly important part of my work.

Business passion
I would like to create impact together with our customers, by offering transparent financial products that contribute to an inclusive and sustainable society. In my role I try to create the right preconditions so that both our customers and ourselves can achieve our strategic goals.

These five policymakers have been checked by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for trustworthiness and suitability. They have full insight into StartGreen Capital’s operations including the major risks to which StartGreen Capital is exposed.

The board members bear the overriding responsibility for StartGreen Capital and are responsible for its strategic objectives, risk strategy and internal governance. The policymakers are also responsible for the integrity of the systems for accounting and financial reporting and for complying with legislation and regulations.

Apart from their activities for StartGreen Capital, Coenraad de Vries, Laura Rooseboom and Jan-Willem Grandia are also members of the management team of Oneplanetcrowd.

Remuneration policy

Our remuneration policy is designed in such a way that the staff remuneration does not pose undesirable risks or behaviour to either clients or the soundness and continuity of StartGreen Capital. We pay all staff members a fixed monthly remuneration that is independent of the objectives.

Read more on the page Remuneration policy.


StartGreen Capital has a permit as an investment company to issue investment services as intended in Article 2:96 of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and operates in this capacity under the ‘MiFID II’ regime. StartGreen Capital is also registered as a fund manager of investment companies as intended in Article 2:66a of the Wft and in this capacity operates under the ‘AIFMD light’ regime.

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) continuously monitors the operations of investment companies while De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) exercises prudential supervision.

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