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Impact Report StartGreen Capital 2020 published

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June 10, 2021

we have us Impact Report on 2020 published. In a year that also turned out differently for us, we are proud to announce that StartGreen Capital has been able to achieve considerable results with its funds. It means that StartGreen Capital really functions as a catalyst for sustainable progress.

Since 2006, StartGreen Capital has had sustainable impact for an inclusive and circular economy in its DNA. StartGreen facilitates entrepreneurs who contribute to a sustainable and inclusive society with innovative technologies, products or services. This is the driving force behind all the investments we make. We focus on projects and companies that contribute to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on three themes: energy transition, circularity and diversity & inclusiveness. Our vision is that financial and social returns can go hand in hand.

Despite 2020 being an exceptional year due to COVID-19, StartGreen Capital has invested a total of €71 million during this year through 51 financing to sustainable companies (€70.5 million and 52 companies respectively in 2019). In addition, €23 million in additional capital has been committed (compared to €56 million in 2019) to enable new investments in the transition to a sustainable economy. In addition to the above, a large part of the StartGreen Capital team has committed itself to the assessment of more than 200 applications for the Corona Bridging Loan (COL) in the Province of Noord-Holland. This provides a large number of companies with emergency capital at very short notice. To help sustainable entrepreneurs further through the corona crisis, StartGreen Capital established the StartGreen Fund for Sustainable SME in 2020.

We hope to be able to make many new investments in 2021 and thus continue to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society. Also during this special year, the companies we have provided financing to have made an enormous effort to contribute to a more sustainable and social future. You can read about the impact for 2020 in our Impact Report.

Results and impact StartGreen and its funds in 2020

By News, StartGreen Capital

A new year, full of new opportunities, we look forward to 2021. Just like many others, 2020 turned out differently than expected for us. But with the strength and creativity of our team and our network, we were able to achieve a number of great highlights with our funds last year. It means that StartGreen Capital really functions as a catalyst for sustainable progress. And we are quite proud of that.

What did we and our funds do in 2020 and for whom? View our impact in 2020 at a glance in the infographics below.

StartGreen Capital now has 6 funds under management and wants to be a catalyst for sustainable progress by financing major social themes such as the energy transition, diversity and circularity.

Energiefonds Overijssel is working on 20% new energy in 2023 and an energy-neutral Overijssel in 2050. To further accelerate the energy transition in the province, the fund finances projects in renewable energy, energy saving and innovations that make this possible.

Participation Fund Sustainable Economy Noord-Holland stimulates sustainable business, employment and innovation in the province.

At Oneplanetcrowd, more than 30,000 forward-looking investors invest in companies that contribute to a more sustainable and social world. In 2020, we passed the 70 million capital raised mark.

The Sustainable SME Fund focuses on sustainable SME entrepreneurs who have run into problems due to the corona crisis. For a sustainable restart of the economy, it is important that these companies emerge from the crisis in a healthy way.

Borski Fund wants to stimulate a more diverse society by also giving female entrepreneurs access to knowledge, capital and network in order to create the investment gap between female and male entrepreneurs.

We would like to thank our network for the efforts, involvement and cooperation during the past year. With their support, we have succeeded in financing many innovative entrepreneurs who contribute to the energy transition, diversity and circularity with their companies or projects.




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