Team of Experts

Ons team bestaat uit experts op het gebied van (nieuwe) financieringen en de structurering daarvan. Wat hen anders maakt, is hun ambitie om voortdurend de ideale balans op te zoeken tussen ondernemend en verantwoord. Daarmee laten ze change-makers én rendement zo succesvol mogelijk groeien.

Co-founder and Managing Partner of StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd

Laura Rooseboom

Voordat ik samen met Coenraad begon met StartGreen Capital, was ik directeur bij DOEN Participaties, het venture-fonds van Stichting DOEN van de Postcodeloterij. Daarmee was ik een van de eerste investeerders in duurzame bedrijven in Nederland en heb ik veel van de eerste 'groene' bedrijven geholpen bij hun groei. Daarvoor werkte ik als accountmanager voor private banking klanten bij NBC Vermogensbeheer (nu Fair Capital Partners).

I have completed the study Business Administration at Erasmus University and a post-graduate training as a Chartered Financial Analyst at the VU University Amsterdam.

Business passion
What I'm going for is that one world is enough for us and not three or five (depending on the lifestyle that is being pursued). For this it is necessary that all people are deployed to their best potential and not stand aside, because their capacities are not recognized or recognized. Raw materials, materials and means of production will also have to be used much more efficiently.

Co-founder and Managing Partner of StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd

Coenraad de Vries

After graduating, I held various management positions in banking for nearly ten years. In 2006 I decided to turn my hobby of co-creating social entrepreneurship (something I have been doing in my spare time since college) into a real job, by co-creating StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd.

Growing StartGreen and Oneplanetcrowd further by creating financing options; that's what I love to do. With entrepreneurial teams that can excel within a larger structure (cells). Because autonomous teams can best serve a customer segment. The main challenge here is to create a balance between the entrepreneurial energy of a team and the required responsibility, risk awareness and the structural requirements of a financing company.

Business passion
My personal ambition is to accelerate a two-fold sustainable change in the financial sector. Twofold sustainability in the sense of 1) creating financing solutions for entrepreneurs that bring about positive changes for the environment and / or society; and 2) by using financing solutions that are essentially more transparent and have lower transaction costs than regular solutions.

Director Participations and Directorate Energiefonds Overijssel

Karel Asselbergs

Na mijn studie Bedrijfseconomie aan de Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam, heb ik uitgebreide transactie-ervaring opgedaan in M&A-functies bij Deloitte en ING Corporate Finance. Vervolgens heb ik een aantal jaren gewerkt bij KRC Capital, waarmee ik de overstap heb gemaakt naar de investeringswereld. Omdat mijn hart ligt bij duurzame impact, ben ik in 2013 bij StartGreen Capital gestart waar ik nu de rol van Directeur Participaties vervul. Ik ben onder andere directielid bij het Energiefonds Overijssel. Daar ben ik verantwoordelijk ben voor het participatiedeel van het fonds. Mijn expertise ligt in het bijzonder bij venture capital-investeringen en projectfinancieringen voor ondernemingen in de cleantech en duurzame energiesector.

Business passion
My passion lies in making a substantial contribution to the energy transition by providing both sustainable energy projects and innovative cleantech companies with tailor-made investments. I literally get energy from building financially healthy companies together with entrepreneurs that can really change the world, because that is the challenge we face in this necessary transition. I like the transaction dynamics and the complex puzzles that often have to be solved when structuring deals; creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking are crucial in this respect. Building on the expertise and network of StartGreen Capital, I always strive - with our team - to support entrepreneurs and actually help them further. Because entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation and the energy transition, in which we as a partner and investor want to accelerate. Because we are not there yet!

Director of Financing and Directorate Energiefonds Overijssel

Anouk Blüm

I have been working at StartGreen since 2018 and have previously worked for some time with my current colleagues to develop the Energiefonds Overijssel. Since December 2019 I have been director of the Energiefonds Overijssel and responsible for the loan portfolio. In Groningen I studied Economics after which I started at KMPG - Financial Services as a trainee. I then worked for about five years as investment manager Micro-Finance at Oxfam-Novib and Triple Jump. After that, I worked at ASN Bank for ten years in sustainable project financing, after which I made the switch to StartGreen.

Business passion
I would like to contribute to a fair and sustainable world and I have a passion for banking. In my current position, this is perfectly combined because with our focus you can enable projects that make the world more sustainable (and) fairer and will drive further development of it.


Jan-Willem Grandia

After my study business economics, I completed the post-master Register Controller. I have been working in the financial sector for quite some time, at Zwitserleven, SNS REAAL and at ASN Bank. At ASN Bank I was responsible for finance, risk and compliance in the MT for six years. In 2017 I started as CFRO at StartGreen Capital, where I am also an MT member at Oneplanetcrowd and Energiefonds Overijssel.

Business passion
I would like to create impact together with our customers, by offering transparent financial products that contribute to an inclusive and sustainable society. In my role I try to create the right preconditions so that both our customers and ourselves can achieve our strategic goals.

Commercial Director and Co-founder Oneplanetcrowd

Maarten de Jong

At the end of my study Industrial Engineering at the University of Groningen, I lived in Sri Lanka for six months, where I fell under the spell of entrepreneurship with a social mission. Back in the Netherlands, I started working at the Business in Development Network. Here I set up 'investor matchmaking' and together with my team I linked many entrepreneurs in emerging economies to financing. I built up a network of more than 150 business angels, high net worth individuals, (development) banks and VC funds. In 2012, together with Laura and Coenraad, I set up Oneplanetcrowd under the umbrella of Start Green Capital: a financing platform for sustainable and social initiatives that offer investors financial and social returns.

Business passion
I find nothing more beautiful than assisting entrepreneurs in the realization of their vision and ambition.

Fund director Borski Fund

Simone Brummelhuis

As a co-founder, partner and fund director, I have been involved with the Borski Fund since October 2019. I am also founder of The Next Women, a membership and network organization that provides access to capital programs and resources for female entrepreneurs and of The Next Women Crowd Fund, which is supported by 70 female investors and also invests in female entrepreneurs.
In addition, I am a member of the Supervisory Board of several large and listed companies (Schiphol Group, Mediahuis NL) with a focus on digital transformation and I have held various advisory positions in the financial sector (Rabo Amsterdam, Lendahand, Storecove, Annona). I am a pioneer in the start-up eco-system and was European director of the Women in Tech Astia Accelerator, advisor at The Entrepreneur Center at Erasmus University and of various start-up programs of the European Commission.

I am co-founder of the largest online restaurant platform IENS in the Netherlands (sold to Tripadvisor in 2014). Before that I worked as a lawyer at Loeff / A & O in Amsterdam and New York and Skadden, Arps NY. I have a law degree from UvA and Columbia University, NY.
I have been recognized as a Management Scope Top100, Opzij Top Women in Business, 50 Future Makers in the Netherlands, Top 10 Women to Meet in Tech by The Guardian, and my twitter @thenextwomen has been awarded with awards by Fast Company and Forbes.

Business passion
Giving unsolicited advice.

Investment Director

Anthony Viellevoije

With a varied background in mergers & acquisitions and as an entrepreneur, I have been active at StartGreen Capital since 2014. As Investment Director I am responsible for the investment processes of PDENH and in portfolio management I am mainly focused on innovative growth companies. The clusters that have my attention are energy storage (E-magy, S4AS, EST-FloatTech), grid balancing (Sympower, Dexter Energy Services), circularity (Chaincraft, Fairphone, MX3D) and sustainable heat (Triple Solar, Asperitas, Thermagy) .

Business passion
Hands-on investing and my previous entrepreneurial experiences help me understand and tackle the day-to-day challenges of ventures. Driven to achieve impact through technology and smart revenue models, I believe in the credo: “Take risks, dream big. If you fail, fail early and fail forward! ”

Investment Manager Borski Fund

Bertrand van Leersum

Before I started working at StartGreen Capital in 2019 I already had 12 years of experience in early stage investments and I was involved in more than 25 deals. For two funds I have built up the participation portfolio, supported companies in their growth, realized follow-up investments, management buy-in processes and the sale of companies. Good relationships with entrepreneurs and strong fund returns are a valuable result. As a management consultant I have supported companies at the intersection of corporate finance and strategy. I have realized international joint venture projects, bond issues, product and growth strategy, partnerships, exit strategies, revenue and margin improvements.

Business passion
Risk-bearing investments in early stage companies are the ultimate way to create value for me. Vision, entrepreneurship, taking (calculated) risks, guts and teamwork come together in this. This requires that you know what is going on in the company and in the market, that you bring added value, create (financial) space and help entrepreneurs to realize great ambitions. With the growth of the entrepreneur and the company comes financial value development. Building companies together, building the future.

General Counsel

Lisa Hees

As a lawyer, I have more than 10 years of experience in venture capital and private equity investments, M&A, crowdfunding and capital markets transactions. I advise our team on a wide range of legal topics such as corporate law, governance, financial regulatory law, crowdfunding, contract law and securities law. I am closely involved in the strategic decisions and negotiations of, among other things, new investments, partnerships and financing.

I graduated from the University of Amsterdam (LL.M) and studied at Columbia University New York and University College London (LL.M). I joined StartGreen Capital in 2018, after more than 8 years with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer (Amsterdam and New York).

Business passion
I find it enormously inspiring to work for a company that has a positive impact on the world. It gives me a lot of energy to assist our team in successfully realizing our goals, in an environment characterized by quality, creativity and humor.

HR & Organization Development Manager

Wilma van Luenen

My background is very diverse. From administrative and secretarial support to independent entrepreneur in taking care of financial administration for companies. In addition, I had a beauty salon, but eventually opted for business again. I enjoy working towards a goal together more than alone. In 2006 Laura and Coenraad asked me to set up the back office of StartGreen Capital. I seized that with both hands and we are now 14 years later. The organization has grown significantly in the meantime. In addition to my position as financial controller for a part of StartGreen Capital, I am mainly involved in HR and organizational development.

Business passion
Contributing to the growth of StartGreen on the one hand and to a better world on the other. I also want to get the best out of people and create a pleasant working environment.

Business Developer

Bernard Stornebrink

After my Commercial Economics training, I gained experience in guiding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be with mergers and acquisitions. From 2014 I put my knowledge and skills into practice in the renewable energy sector. The realization and financing of often unique sustainable projects requires a lot of creativity and perseverance. I am happy to contribute to this!

Business passion
I would like to contribute to the future by making the world a little better.

Investment Associate / Sustainability Lead StartGreen

Dylan Perales

After obtaining a solid quantitative background at some top international business schools in Rotterdam, Singapore and Milan, I started looking for a job where I can combine three subjects that interest me enormously: innovation, business strategy / analysis and sustainability. Together with the long-term focus and hands-on ownership, this has driven me to the impact investing sector. I started at StartGreen Capital in 2017 and this turned out to be a very good match: with a great team and inspiring entrepreneurs, we want to build groundbreaking companies that strive for both financial and social value creation. I have a lot of expertise in the field of financial analysis / modeling and in recent years I have also specialized in ESG & Impact Measurement, where I am involved as Sustainability Lead in the impact report of StartGreen and the Responsible Investment Committee of the NVP (Dutch Association of Private Equity Companies). I am an ambitious young impact investor.

Business passion
I am fascinated by Michael Porter's “creating shared value” concept. A concept in which companies strive for both financial and social value in the long term. A concept in which both aspects are fully integrated into the core business of the company, so that both go hand in hand and there is no trade-off. In my work I want to use some good aspects of capitalism and the power of finance for “the common good”. Using innovation and entrepreneurship to drive change and solve societal challenges. Creating a system where achieving impact enables the creation of more impact, a world where "money makes money" becomes "impact makes impact". By quantifying both financial and social returns (impact measurement), I want to prove and improve our impact on society. My ambition is to become one of the best impact investors in the world, constantly helping innovative entrepreneurs build groundbreaking businesses and thereby continuously increase the positive impact we can have on this planet.

Investment Manager

Willem Dubbelman

I studied Environmental Economics in Wageningen, after which I started working in the financial sector. Here I worked on acquisition financing at banks, among others. At StartGreen Capital I also work on cash flow financing, but only in the field of sustainability projects.

Business passion
In our projects and relations I recognize the passion to want to leave something beautiful, where not only business matters. I enjoy working with these relations to help make projects that are difficult to finance possible.

Investment Manager

Radboud Dood

As an Investment Manager I am actively looking for and involved in the participations with which I jointly try to achieve (added) value. From a business economics background (UvA) with extensive experience in various (advisory) positions at both small and small businesses as well as in the world of startups, I quickly get to the heart of the matter and come up with targeted actions. I like to take on new challenges and to work in an environment that is on the move, with room for an entrepreneurial attitude.

I am characterized as proactive, commercially minded, goal-oriented, with a focus on business administration and financing aspects. I am well able to think at a strategic level, to set out the lines and also to act at an operational level.

Business passion
My goal is to create sustainable added value for all stakeholders.

Investment Associate

Jonathan Moed

The MSc finance study that I did was the happy result of the fact that I could not choose between social and exact science. Yet in my master's degree I also missed the occasional mention of value creation, innovation and sustainable development. I eventually found it in the cleantech VC sector, a nice mix between analysis, human nuance, raw innovation and belief in sustainability. At StartGreen Capital I dove into the energy markets and imbalance management through both software and hardware applications. And above all, I dove into an environment without zero-sum thinking.

Business passion
I strive to bring about change. In both my personal and professional life, and through supporting good people, good ideas and good founders, my goal is to change the world for the better.

Financial accountant

Marian Denekamp

I have more than 30 years of experience in independently conducting financial administrations and providing financial reports in various branches. I have been working for StartGreen Capital since the beginning of 2015. I would describe myself as an analytical, critical, accurate, disciplined and collegial business professional.

Business passion
My ambition is to provide accurate, reliable and timely reporting for the various entities.

Investment Manager

Joost Vlot

In Rotterdam heb ik aan de Erasmus Universiteit gestudeerd en daar een Bachelor Bedrijfskunde en een Master Finance & Investments behaald. Na mijn studie ben ik begonnen binnen ING als trainee in de zakenbank. Hier heb ik een veelvoud van verschillende seniore schuld producten leren kennen. Na een periode in Londen op de afdeling Leveraged Finance ben ik in Amsterdam mij gaan toeleggen op Loan Capital Markets. Het structureren en distribueren van seniore schuld hebben mij een goede basis gegeven voor een carrière in de financiële wereld. Vervolgens heb ik in Frankfurt nog de wereld van Schuldscheindarlehen verkend om vervolgens een verbredende stap te maken richting een impact investor vanwege de wens om finance en duurzaamheid te combineren. In deze sector vind ik het mooi om ondernemers financieel verder te helpen in de groei van hun bedrijf, een projectfinanciering te structureren om een energieproject te realiseren of met een van onze fondsen medeaandeelhouder te worden en op deze manier het benodigde groeikapitaal op tafel te kunnen leggen.

Business passion
Ik word er enthousiast van om goede en afgewogen (financiële) risico’s te nemen om de verduurzaming van onze planeet verder te helpen. Op die manier kan ik als impact investor echt het verschil maken voor de onderneming en tegelijkertijd een gezond investeringsfonds beheren.

Relationship manager

Jessica Bestebroer

My expertise lies in acquisition, relationship management and project management. I have already fulfilled various commercial roles, including Business Developer Sustainable at Eneco and commercial assistant at ASN Bank - sustainable financing.

I have completed the study International Business and Languages at the HEAO and have followed various financial education and courses through NIBE-SVV, including Business Credit I and II.

Business passion
Thanks to the work for Eneco, I became infected with the sustainability virus. I want to make a positive impact with my work and help create a more sustainable world. StartGreen is the perfect organization for this, where I enjoy working.

Legal Counsel

Nicole Porras Hoogland

After completing the Master in Dutch Law and the Master in Law and Business at the University of Utrecht, I started working as a corporate lawyer at a large international trust office in 2016. In mid-2019 I started at StartGreen Capital as Legal Counsel. I now have extensive experience in corporate law. By regularly attending various courses and training courses, I keep up to date with the latest developments in legislation and regulations.

Business passion
I always strive for optimal results and I think it is important to keep developing myself. I am dedicated, precise and driven and I do not shy away from challenges.

Marketing communications

Xerva Blom

As a passionate marketing and communications manager / consultant / senior project manager, I have broad experience in the non-profit sector, television world, commercial marketing and fundraising. My heart beats faster with projects and products that make the world greener, better, more social. I like to gather knowledge, but I enjoy sharing knowledge and connecting people even more.

Business passion
It is my mission to help people and organizations through communication. I connect people and goals and go for the best joint result. I do all this with a good dose of humor and with care for a good atmosphere.

Communicatie medewerker Oneplanetcrowd

Marianne Bakker

From a master European Policy with a focus on human rights, I ended up at Oneplanetcrowd through various non-profit organizations and then the translation world. Armed with a knack for languages and a focus on people and quality, I monitor the accessible and transparent character of Oneplanetcrowd.

Business passion
A sustainable and inclusive economy is the ultimate goal, for Oneplanetcrowd and mine. That means that in the morning, although still with some difficulty, I like to get out of bed to do my bit. It gives a wonderful feeling to come home after a hard day's work with a successfully completed campaign in your pocket, with which a sustainable company can take another step towards a better world.

Investment Analyst

Stefan van Duin

Since 2019 I have been working as an Investment Analyst at StartGreen Capital and actively involved in finding, analyzing and supporting portfolio companies. During my graduation I researched the accuracy and measurability of management team assessments in the venture capitalist decision-making process and developed a tool to make these assessments explicit and quantitatively measurable. I have completed the study Business Analysis & Modeling and have gained practical experience at two investment funds.

Business passion
We work in a dynamic environment, which does justice to my affinity and ambition for entrepreneurship and investment. An environment in which we support entrepreneurs with sustainable propositions through financing, network and active involvement. But above all an environment in which we contribute to a sustainable economy, an economy that does not exhaust itself and in which everyone can participate to his / her full potential.

Investment Manager / Fund Manager Sustainable SME Fund

Jakoba van der Mei

Growing up in a family business, I have developed a passion to contribute to a sustainable future. I like to use my project financing knowledge of sustainable energy for the energy transition in the Netherlands. After graduating with honors from a Masters in Finance, my financial career started in London, where I advised on mergers and acquisitions for Pöyry Capital and JP Morgan for three years. During a year in India I focused on the development of social enterprises. Back in Amsterdam, I gained a lot of experience at Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) in project financing of wind energy and infrastructure. Before I started at StartGreen Capital I cycled with a sailing bike from Alaska to Panama, a beautiful and sustainable adventure! This has given me valuable insights into the need for a sustainable future and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to this together.

Business passion
I am enthusiastic about making sustainable initiatives possible together. Especially if we can accelerate the energy transition. I personally wish to develop in the field of technological expertise in the sustainable sector in order to stimulate the connection between innovative solutions and financing.

Risk & Reporting Analyst

Mark de Vos

After completing my study Business Economics & Finance at the UvA, I started working at the ABN AMRO Clearing Bank. This is where my affinity with numbers and risk management came in handy. However, it didn't take long before I felt the need to commit to a 'bigger' cause. This brought me to StartGreen Capital, where my affinity with figures and risk management still come in handy. Only now, with the help of investments and financing in small to medium-sized companies, we ensure that we make the world more sustainable step by step.

Business passion
Clearly convey a complex story. Whether it concerns identifying and naming the risks for new financing or presenting a quarterly overview of the fund as clearly as possible. By unbundling complex problems and clearly presenting them, you ensure that decisions can be made more easily and better.

Investment Manager

Kees van Santen

Renewable energy has become one of my passions during my study Technical Public Administration at TU Delft. After building up strategy consulting experience at Accenture Strategy and Royal HaskoningDHV, I applied my renewable energy knowledge in work for and with startups. I was responsible for business development for Mobisol, an off-grid solar scale-up in East Africa, for which I lived in Tanzania for two years. At StartGreen Capital I combine my passion for renewable energy with working with startups and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Business passion
Building the next generation of game-changing renewable energy startups.

Investment Manager

Nienke Rijpstra

Since June 2019 I have been working as an Investment Manager at StartGreen Capital. I am mainly involved in sustainable energy projects, in which I am involved in both investments and financing. My focus is on solar energy and geothermal energy, and supporting cooperatives in setting up local initiatives. After my study Business Administration I started my career at ING. In my last position I was responsible for structuring acquisition financing for private equity parties.

Business passion
I get energy from new situations and enjoy coordinating processes. Finding a solution that makes all parties involved happy is an important motivation for me.

Financial Controller

Edward Schipper

I now have 20 years of experience as administrative support in the Private Equity world, both as part of the Private Equity team as an independent administrative service provider for Private Equity parties. I have been able to continue to develop my analytical skills in the financial sector.

Business passion
Making sustainability and human well-being an integral part of our choices and determination of results.

Senior Investment Specialist Oneplanetcrowd

Arnaud Satter

Raised in the Bommelerwaard, where my parents ran various (agricultural) businesses, entrepreneurship was born with the spoon. As the only son I was the intended successor of my father, but soon enough we realized that I was more into numbers and storytelling than I had the green fingers.

During my study Commercial Economics, I set up my own company active in making videos together with fellow students. Despite the fact that I thought it was really cool to make stories, I missed the numbers. Then I rolled into the corporate banking business. I immediately felt like a fish in water. When I saw annual accounts I was curious how certain items related to each other and above all I was making the story behind the figures for myself to later test them with the Entrepreneur. Almost 15 years later, nothing has changed yet.

In recent years I have specialized in SME financing in various positions with both traditional and new financiers. During this period I learned to pay attention not only to historical figures and securities, but also to the story behind the figures and future cash flow. After all; ultimately, a loan will have to be repaid with future cash flow. Because you are never too old to learn, I also follow an evening course MSc Business Administration in addition to my work for StartGreen.

In the past year I have also specialized in the BMKB-c (orona) scheme. This scheme is intended for entrepreneurs with liquidity problems as a result of the corona crisis. I think it is very nice that I can use this specialism for the StartGreen Fund for Sustainable SMEs. She is one of the few new financiers accredited for this guarantee scheme. This scheme is also characterized by not only looking back, but also looking ahead when we are 'open' again.

I think it's cool to work towards an end goal together with the Entrepreneur. The joint achievement of that ultimate goal is always a good moment because this is the starting point for the next chapter in the story of the Entrepreneur. That's what I'm going for!


Product Owner Oneplanetcrowd

Maartje Asscheman

Met mijn achtergrond in bedrijfskunde en informatiemanagement, ben ik in staat de vertaalslag te maken tussen business en techniek. Na mijn ervaring als consultant voor implementatie van Microsoft tooling, ben ik begonnen bij Oneplanetcrowd als Product Owner. Met mijn focus op agile werken, kan ik waarde bieden in de snel veranderende branche van crowdfunding. Ik streef naar langetermijnoplossingen met de optimale balans tussen gebruiksgemak, betrouwbaarheid en naleving van wet- en regelgeving.

Business passion
On the platform I want to offer an experience that allows everyone to easily contribute to the transition to a sustainable economy.

Investment Specialist Oneplanetcrowd

Annemieke Hoogeboom

Despite having a broad (study) background in business administration, psychology and HR, I have mainly worked in commercial and financial positions in recent years. First at ING, where I held various positions and especially gained a lot of experience in financing fast-growing SMEs. In addition, I have been a board member of a medium-sized ANBI foundation that helps underprivileged women in Asia with microcredit for a number of years. Since 2017 I have been an Investment Specialist at Oneplanetcrowd, where I am the first point of contact for entrepreneurs working on solving societal challenges.

Business passion:
I am convinced that funding is essential to accelerate the achievement of sustainable and social development goals. Thanks to my background, I not only know the ecosystem of the financial world well, but above all I know how important it is to work together with various partners, investors and crowdfunders to help entrepreneurs achieve their (social) goals and to be able to increase impact. In order to assist entrepreneurs even better, I recently followed the training to become an Impact Manager (Avance / Erasmus Impact Center) to acquire more knowledge about where and how an organization can make the most difference.

Operations & controller Oneplanetcrowd and Sustainability Lead Oneplanetcrowd

Annemarie van Mossel

In my work, I have been supporting access to finance for small and medium-sized businesses for years. In the beginning of my career for companies in emerging markets worldwide, and now for sustainable projects and social entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. I have experience from different perspectives through my work experience with intermediaries who mediate financing, with financiers and with companies looking for financing. My expertise lies mainly in project and operational management, monitoring and reporting. I studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, a music education at the Schumann Akademie and SME Finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Business passion
I see financing as a means to realize a brighter future for our planet and its inhabitants. I am happy to contribute to that!

Tech Lead

Carlos Nunez

Full Stack Developer Oneplanetcrowd

Pedro Abel Diaz

During my both Criminology and Technology studies, I realized that technology plays an important role in improving social well-being in our society. This motivated me to learn to program and to start a career as a Full Stack Developer.

Business passion
My business drive is to develop products that can help improve the social well-being of our society. I like to make people aware of new ways of tackling old challenges.

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