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Jan-Eric Muller

During my career as an intern and working student, I have gained practical experience and insights in various sectors, at various companies, including IT consultancies, academic institutions and telecom companies. While I was immersed in my master's degree in Science, Business and Innovation – with a focus on energy and sustainability – I started my career at Oneplanetcrowd as an intern. There I investigated the dynamics of crowdfunding and its influence on the social acceptance of onshore wind energy. A research that resulted in my master's thesis. The return to Oneplanetcrowd, now Invesdor, fills me with enthusiasm. I am eager to work with entrepreneurs who are committed to real change in social equality and sustainability. 

Business passion 
My passion for understanding humanity's impact on our planet goes back years. I firmly believe that climate change is humanity's most pressing challenge and I urge each of us to play a role in limiting its impact. Through my involvement in sustainable finance, I am not only driven to combat climate change, but also to support projects that promote social equality and integrity. 

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