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Coenraad de Vries

After graduating, I worked in various management positions in the banking industry for nearly ten years. In 2006 I decided to turn my hobby of co-creating social entrepreneurship – which I had done in my free time since studying – into a real job. I set up StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd with Laura.

My biggest desire is to let StartGreen and Oneplanetcrowd expand by creating financing opportunities. We can do this with entrepreneurial teams that excel within a larger structure. After all, autonomous teams are best equipped to serve particular client segments. The main challenge here is to create a balance between the entrepreneurial spirit of a team and the required responsibility, risk awareness and organisational demands of a financing corporation.

Business passion
My personal goal is to accelerate a two-fold sustainable change in the financial sector. Two-fold sustainability in the sense of: 1) creating financing solutions for entrepreneurs that bring about positive change for the environment and/or society; and 2) using financing solutions that are more transparent and have lower transaction costs than the usual solutions.

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