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October 12, 2021

Energiefonds Overijssel organized a cycling tour last month with the ominous name 'The Hell of Twente'. Investment Associate Eva Post reports.

live contact
After a year of seeing customers and relations exclusively on screen, Energiefonds Overijssel thought it was high time to meet each other in person again. We were therefore very happy with the many applications from enthusiastic relations who wanted to cycle with us. Suddenly we got the message from the organizer that he had decided not to let the tour go ahead. Thanks to Willem's connections, we were able to obtain the official route and fortunately we were able to continue the Hel van Twente, organized by Energiefonds Overijssel. The weather forecast looked great for the tour day so nothing could stop us

Professional platoon
On Wednesday 8 September at 9 am, a group of 21 enthusiastic cyclists reported to the starting point. The serious outfits and beautiful bikes of the participants made – in my eyes – that we looked like a professional platoon. After a cup of coffee with krentenwegge and the safety instructions from steward Willem we were ready for the start.

Two groups
The original plan was for two groups to ride: a trained group would ride 96 km and a less trained group 71 km. The beautiful weather and the friendly group had persuaded the less trained cyclists to cycle the longer route, a decision that some cyclists regretted later that day. The first about 50 kilometers we cycled together with the entire peloton and we were able to fully catch up on the sustainable initiatives that everyone is working on.

After that, the 'less fast' group had to lower themselves a bit to save their strength. Investment manager Willem and Knillis of CCS have started an impressive chase from the slower group to the fast group. After the break, the fast group went for the serious work: climbs and high speeds, while the slower group calmly made its way to the finish.

No traffic lights
It was a beautiful route through the most beautiful parts of Twente and Grafschaft Bentheim in Germany, which took us past several windmills and solar panels on the roof. Under the clear blue sky we cycled through rolling hills, flat meadows and wooded nature reserves, interspersed with cornfields without ever encountering a traffic light.

Sporting performance
The participants delivered a fantastic performance. The fast group drove 96 km with an average speed of 30 km per hour. The slower group still drove 83 km with an average speed of 25 km per hour. At the finish we were able to relax and chat while enjoying a cooling drink and sausage roll. Many thanks to the participants and in particular to the outriders Barry and Siem. We hope to see you all again at the next edition of the tour.

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