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PDENH financing Triple Solar raises 1.2 million

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April 14, 2021

PDENH is participating in a working capital financing for Triple Solar. Thanks to financing from PDENH, DOEN Participaties, Enfuro Ventures and Rabobank, Triple Solar has raised 1,200,000 euros in working capital. Triple Solar is a fast-growing scale-up in the energy transition, the company develops heat pump systems with PVT panels as an energy source. Read all about it in the press release below.

- press release - 

Triple Solar raises € 1.2 million

Thanks to financing from PDENH, DOEN Participaties, Enfuro Ventures and Rabobank, Triple Solar has raised 1,200,000 euros in working capital. Triple Solar is a fast-growing scale-up in the energy transition. The company develops heat pump systems with PVT panels as an energy source. Triple Solar uses the capital to scale up their activities in large-scale new construction projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The Triple Solar® system is an economical alternative to heat pumps that use an expensive ground source or noisy outdoor units. Triple Solar makes an important contribution to the energy transition with its innovative heat pump systems. The Amsterdam company applies this system in both new and existing buildings.

Cees Mager, CEO at Triple Solar:
“This working capital financing makes it possible to expand the growth that has started. Stagnation means decline. Millions of houses still have to be made more sustainable in the next 30 years and that is why growth capital for innovative companies is essential ”.

Anthony Viellevoije, Investment Director at PDENH:
“We are extremely proud of Triple Solar's success and have full confidence in the team and the innovative system that has clearly proven itself. We are therefore happy to contribute to this financing. The 'further without gas solution' that Triple Solar offers fits seamlessly into our sustainable ambition ”.

Merijn ten Thije, Investment Manager at DOEN Participaties:
“DOEN Participaties finances sustainable start-ups and scale-ups that have an impact with CO2 reduction. A point of attention for DOEN is that the energy transition is accessible to everyone. Because Triple Solar's products are also suitable for private individuals and tenants of housing corporations, Triple Solar fits very well with our ambitions. ”

Erik Schut, Co-founder of Enfuro Ventures:
“The Triple Solar team has done a fantastic job in recent years. The company has developed from an innovative start-up to a successful scale-up that makes an important contribution to the energy transition. We are proud that we can make this contribution to the acceleration of the growth of Triple Solar ”.

Pieter Mullink, Account Manager Rabobank Amsterdam:
“Triple Solar is an innovative developer of energy systems that provide homes with heat, hot water and electricity so that they can use all of the gas. They distinguish themselves with their technique and experience. Rabobank has been a partner of Triple Solar for a long time and proud that we can support them in their important work and rapid growth ”.

About Triple Solar:
Triple Solar's mission is to achieve maximum impact in reducing CO2 emissions from heating homes. In addition, Triple Solar wants to make the energetic sustainability of houses accessible to a wide audience. This translates into the development of smart solutions in the field of sustainable energy. The requirement is that the products are produced sustainably, are fully recyclable and have no environmental impact in production and use. Our products are produced in the Netherlands and the components used are made within Europe.

About Enfuro Ventures:
Enfuro Ventures invests in start-ups that focus on the energy transition. Enfuro was founded by the successful entrepreneurs Erik Schut and Ruud Rijbroek. They strongly believe in enterprising, decisive teams, in innovation and in positive change.

About PDENH:
The Participation Fund Sustainable Economy Noord-Holland is an investment fund for established and start-up companies and projects that focus on energy transition, sustainable mobility and the circular economy. Companies that thus contribute to the sustainable economy in North Holland. The fund was set up and financed by the Province of Noord-Holland and is managed by KplusV and StartGreen Capital.

About DOEN Participaties:
DOEN Participaties has the ambition to make the world more sustainable and social by supporting start-ups with that mission. Impact is central to all investments. Over the past 25 years, DOEN Participaties has grown into the largest impact investor for sustainable and social startups in the Netherlands. DOEN Participaties is fully owned and managed by the DOEN Foundation, the Postcode Lottery fund. For more information, see

Read the whole here press release.

5.2 million raised by Sympower, PDENH is co-investing

By News, PDENH, Press

March 25, 2021

Even more great news from the PDENH managed by us. PDENH is participating in an investment round in Sympower, in which it has been participating since 2019. Sympower supplies smart software to balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid. The investment round was successful, Sympower raised 5.2 million euros. Read all about it in the press release below.

- press release - 

5.2 million raised by Sympower

Together with Koolen Industries, Rubio Impact Ventures, Enfuro Ventures and Casper Peeters, PDENH is participating in an investment round in Sympower. Since mid-2019, PDENH has been participating in Sympower, which supplies smart software to balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid.

Anthony Viellevoije, Investment Director at PDENH:
“We are proud of the progress Sympower has made since our first investment in the summer of 2019, which has given shape to the company's international rollout from Finland to Sweden and the Netherlands. With this follow-on investment, we reaffirm our confidence in the team, re-accelerate the roll-out to other European countries and create high-quality local jobs in the province of North Holland. ”

The investment underscores the strong, rapidly increasing demand for flexibility solutions, which is reflected in the rising share of renewable energy sources and the opening of new European electricity markets, as encouraged by the European Commission. At this crucial point in the energy transition, the growth of Sympower will be further accelerated by the new financing.

Flexibility is essential for the energy transition. It helps to maintain a stable electricity system by balancing supply and demand in the face of the increasingly unstable supply of solar and wind sources and the demand for e-mobility and electric heating. Sympower's software solution can manage a wide variety of electrical assets and processes such as steel smelting, paper making, electric vehicles and HVAC systems and use them to support the electricity system. Sympower is active in Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands and its customers include grid operators such as Fingrid, Svenska Kraftnät and TenneT. It also partners with the leading European energy company Vattenfall in Sweden.

Read the whole here press release.

PDENH is co-investing in new investment round Dexter Energy

By News, PDENH, Press

March 18, 2021

Breaking! PDENH co-managed by us is investing again in Dexter Energy. Dexter has successfully raised an additional € 2.0 million to continue their mission, helping energy companies make the smooth transition to renewable energy generation. Read all about it in the press release below.

- press release - 

Newion leads € 2 million investment round in Dexter Energy - for an accelerated energy transition

AMSTERDAM, March 18, 2021 - Dexter Energy, a fast-growing startup helping energy companies in Europe optimize their energy portfolio using AI, has received € 2 million in a Series A round of investment led by Newion, early stage investor in B2B software companies. Existing investors PDENH, Stephen Asplin and Andreas Gelfort also participated in this round.

The electricity market is changing due to the energy transition. Where previously a select number of fossil-powered power plants supplied power on demand, green energy now flows into the grid when the wind blows or the sun shines. To deal with this, companies with extensive energy generation or consumption increasingly have to anticipate erratic weather and market conditions.

Dexter Energy meets the need to reduce the uncertainties resulting from the energy transition. Using AI-driven software, Dexter Energy predicts energy flows and market movements, so that companies can optimize their generation and consumption. Customers also get a grip on increasing imbalance costs as a result of the energy transition. Emission-free electricity sources are therefore stronger in the market, and fossil sources can be scaled down earlier.

Luuk Veeken, CEO and founder of Dexter Energy:
“We are very pleased with this financing, which will be used to further improve the products for our customers. Newion has a strong track record in expanding and scaling software companies. We would like to benefit from their knowledge and experience and hope to roll out our optimization software to all liberalized European energy markets in the coming years. ”

Patrick Polak, Managing Partner of Newion:
“Dexter Energy is accelerating the energy transition, not only in the Benelux, Germany and the UK, but soon also in the rest of the world. We see many opportunities and will be very happy to support the Dexter team in their further growth towards market leadership. ”

Anthony Viellevoije, Investment Director at PDENH:
“We are extremely proud of Dexter's success and are happy to confirm our confidence in the team with a contribution to this Series A round. Dexter Energy's forecasting solutions accurately and automatically predict the load on the energy grid, which is crucial for energy companies. ”

On the photo the management team Dexter Energy, from left to right: Luuk Veeken (CEO), Fons de Leeuw (CTO), Hubert Penn (CCO), Tom Lemmens, (Head of Analytics)

More about Dexter Energy

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